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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aeros Swept By Heat

I didn't see either game.  All I know is the Aeros lost on Friday and Saturday to the Heat.  I know they played with 16 skaters on Friday night, and that they played with 17 skaters on Saturday.  Frankly, I wonder why they don't go all in and just play with 14 or 15 skaters.

Frankly, I'm not sure what the situation was this weekend.  Justin Fontaine was still suspended on Friday night, but Cody Almond was supposedly on his way back to the join the team, but didn't make it in in time.  But during the Wild loss on Saturday afternoon, Warren Peters got into a scrape and appears to be facing a multi-game suspension which, according to Michael Russo, has Jed Ortmeyer Chad Rau and Almond on their way back to the Wild.

C.J. Stretch has rejoined the team, but the team's still appears to be short of healthy skaters, which is kind of bugging me. This is something that John Torchetti has talked about the team being hurt by the lack of internal competition between skaters for spots on the ice -- they're literally playing every single healthy guy they have on the squad every game.

I could go off on a long rant and get bunches of people upset with me. But frankly, it's just not worth it. I'm tired -- I was covering UH sports all day. And frankly, my going off on a rant isn't going to solve anything. (And looking at the stat sheet for Saturday's loss, it appears that the Aeros are frustrated, having gotten into several fights and getting hit with several misconducts, including one after the game had ended.)

But tell you what, the comments are open. Just try not to go off on personal attacks because we won't approve those.


Ms. Conduct said...

I'll add that, in looking at the rules violated in the bench minor unsportsmanlike (39.3 ii) and the abuse of officials (39.5 ii) penalties, it looks like Coach could be having a chat with Dave Andrews this week.

39.3 (ii) - Any unidentifiable player or any Coach or non-playing person who uses obscene, profane or abusive language or gesture directed at an on or off-ice official or uses the name of any official coupled with
any vociferous remarks. (see also 39.5 (ii))

39.5 (ii) - When a player, goalkeeper, Coach or non-playing person uses obscene, profane or abusive language or gesture directed at any on or off-ice official or uses the name of any official coupled with any
vociferous remarks, after already being assessed a bench minor
penalty (39.3 (ii)), this Coach or non-playing person is to be
assessed a game misconduct and the situation reported to the
President for further action. When this type of conduct occurs after
the expiration of the game, on or off the ice, the game misconduct
shall be applied without the necessity of having been assessed a
bench minor penalty previously.

Ooo, vociferous! #SATwords

Since I didn't see or hear the games, I won't make any further assumptions, but obviously with Abby getting 8 PP opportunities (and scoring on 2 of them), I can certainly see where some officiating decisions might have seemed out of whack to the Aeros bench.

I'd say it's a good thing they're coming home. Hopefully that's where the reset button is.

Forecheck said...

You guys were lucky. You didn't watch the games.

The only advantage I had was they were late starts, so I could feel justified in turning them off at about 10:30 when things got out of hand so I could go to bed.

Definitely a weekend to forget about.

I assume the Aeros will plummet in the power rankings. Justified, as they are a really bad team right now.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Minnesota Aeros tonight and Chad Rau got the winning goal; Matt Kassian had a heck of a fight; Ortmeyer, Prosser, and Taffe played. I assume Palmer is still up there and injured and Peters is still there but was suspended for tonight's game. No wonder the Houston Aeros aren't doing well....there aren't many left.