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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vancouuuuver Means I'm One Day Closer to You

Okay, not quite the same ring to it as the old Larry Gatlin song, but true nonetheless, as the Aeros fly into Vancouver today, and bus to Abbotsford for games Friday/Saturday.

Then they get to come home for a week before a weekend in Austin (road trip?) and then not another game until the following Saturday in San Antonio (road trip?). Lots and lots of practice time for the boys.

If you haven't heard, there was a fire at their practice rink in Sugar Land. It was very well timed in that it happened about 3 days after the guys left town and is scheduled (at the moment) to be repaired and the rink re-opened next Tuesday, the day the guys would probably be hitting the ice at home again. Convenient.

Anyway, just a little update on last night's game... not a lot of love for the back of the net against Milwaukee, who blanked the Aeros 3-0, though the third goal was an empty netter (short handed, though, which is pretty lame).

I had a chat with Chris Jerina about the game this morning and he said the shot count and score were not reflective of the Aeros effort. Milwaukee led shots in the first two periods and the Aeros tied up the shots with a hard press in the third, but Jeremy Smith and his Goal Posts of Doom were there for all of them.

What I'm picking up on is that Hackett's found his groove again and from everything I've seen and heard, he is playing well on a consistent basis. So, as I wrote over at Hockey Wilderness today, if the reason Torchetti played him so much recently was to sort of force him back into the groove, then my hat is off to those guys for figuring it out.

I still have some reservations about some things around the Aeros goaltending but I'll save that for when/if something proves out.

In other news, the Aeros twitter has been fairly quiet since Twittergate and DiSalvator made noises like he was leaving Twitter, but he hasn't closed the account and I hope he doesn't.

As I pondered DiSalvatore's situation, the story of naked Nathan Smith came to mind. When he was the captain of the WBS Penguins, he was arrested for running down the street bare-ass and that was, naturally, ALL over the place in the media, including this ESPN story. Far worse than this thing has been.

I thought, "Sal, Nathan survived that, and I'll bet he still gets naked occasionally. He's just smarter about it now." Stick it out, man. Not in a Nathan Smith-drunk-and-naked way, of course. More in a "perseverance, this will blow over" way.

In fact, I'd just been thinking we should do a weekly round-up of funny Aeros stuff on Twitter for those who don't have it. But I guess I'll cool my jets on that idea until folks aren't walking on eggshells anymore.

Anyway, I'm tired of writing about the Aeros today so how about some pictures!

Many thanks to Chris "Streaker" Jerina for capturing these last night:

Yep. Back in the AHL. Brad "Soul Patch" Staubitz warms up for his first game with the team.
How more players don't bite their tongues off in collisions, I'll never know.
Guys + Concentration = Tongue Out. Women don't do this, AFAIK.
Can someone explain this to me?
I'll never NOT use a goalie water squirting shot if there is one available to me. Thirsty.
This just made me laugh.
More where those came from right here. Everybody say thank you to Chris for these great shots! Thank youuuuu!


artandhockey said...

Great shots... uh oh.Chris!
Oh do like those jerseys. Maybe the only one that does.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chris, for the great pictures. The boys are going to be gone so long, it's nice to see their faces.