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Sunday, February 5, 2012

View from the Press Box - Morning After Edition

John pretty much summed up what I was going to discuss last night.

The nets. Three times (or is it four now?) this season pucks have gone through the nets. Only once, from what I can recall, did they get it right.

And that was in a game against the Texas Stars. It was their goal, and they needed it to win.

Here is John's summary on this subject in case you missed it from last night:

"How many more times this season will there have to be a controversy regarding the goal judges and the goal netting before something actually gets done?  From what we were hearing after the game the problem apparently is with the nets as pucks keep flying through the nets during the Toyota Center morning skates.  That raises the question: just how hard can it be to get new nets?  Especially nets that do what they're supposed to do and keep the puck in the goal?"

I thought someone was just kidding when they said it happened all the time in the morning skate.

But when I heard a key member of the Aeros staff tell some fans that it happens 2-3 times per week, I knew this was just more than random chance.

Now what I don't know if if the coaching staff has talked to the Wild or the front office about getting some new nets.

If this truly is a problem, this is going to cost someone dearly down the road when ever goal is critical.

I trust that those in charge of the Aeros will make this right.

I have one final point regarding this topic. A key member of the Aeros staff and a player were waiting after the game for a simple explanation from the one person that is in charge of having the best view of the net: the goal judge.

Now I know who was back there, but I have enough respect for him not to use his name in this blog. But what I don't understand is why he did not come down after the game to tell the Aeros what he saw.

Two members of the staff were pretty upset to at least not get an explanation from the goal judge.

Maybe they talked after we all left and this is a moot point. I hope that is the case.

In closing, I hope the Aeros can hang with a well-rested and angry Milwaukee Admirals team. They are in a huge slump (just three wins in last 15 games) and they will come out firing everything at the Aeros.

Last night was one of the best I've covered in 10 years on the beat.

It had a little bit of everything, and like ICEVET said, the crowd willed the team team to win.

David Burke and his staff have done an A+ job of getting butts in the seats. You can't say enough for what I believe is now three 10,000 plus crowds this season, including the largest since Game 7 of the 1999 Finals at Compaq Center.

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Anonymous said...

It's unthinkable to allow this net problem to continue. The Aeros are a professional hockey team and deserve to have equipment AND judges and referees competent enough to do their jobs. I hope you, John, or Andrew or Heather will ask Mr. Burke about this at your first opportunity and report back to us. It's especially critical since it seems we will never enjoy the luxury of the refs doing a video review.