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Friday, February 10, 2012

Updated: Warrioring on and some light reading on your Aeros goalies

Happy Friday, y'all!

As you probably know, Aeros are in beautiful (I guess?) Grand Rapids today for a couple of back-to-back tilts against the Griffins.

The good news is that their best goaltender, Joey MacDonald, is up with Detroit while Jimmy Howard's broken pinkie finger heals up. And Grand Rapids as a whole isn't setting the world on fire, so these are 4 points perfectly within the Aeros reach if they get after it like we know they can.

In other news, the Aeros have signed RW Rob Mignardi to a PTO (@mignasty10). He's a rookie with 23 games up in Manchester with the Monarchs. 3 points and 18 PIM in those 23 games so set your expectations accordingly.

Now, the release about this signing hasn't come out and one site is showing him as going to Ontario, but the league transactions show him going to Houston. So, take that news with a grain of salt until it's official. But Joe hinted yesterday that further help was on the way, along with Jed Ortmeyer, so I have to assume it's Mignardi. (NOTE from John: the Aeros have Mignardi listed on the website roster.)

Also this:


Finally, your Aeros goaltenders (and goalie coach Bob Mason) get a little love from yours truly in this month's issue of InGoal Magazine, which you can go here to read: http://magazine.ingoalmag.com/publication/?i=100071

Mason was very insightful on Hackett's career development thus far and was so great in general, we got a whole extra story just about Mase out of it. Plus, some good stuff from Hack on his game-day prep and a few other things.

And goaltending analysis whiz, Justin Goldman, writes about some top up-and-coming goalies, one of which is Darcy Kuemper.


Update: The Wild have put hard-nosed winger Brad Staubitz on waivers today. Haven't seen yet what their intentions are if he clears, though. That team is in panic mode, from all I'm seeing, but anyway, Staubitz could feasibly end up in Houston, so we'll keep an eye on that.


will said...

Wait, so the help on the way ISN'T Tony Hrkac???

Ms. Conduct said...

Oh lord, let's hope not.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we won't be getting Kassian back any time soon, if at all. Great for him; bad for us. I'm pulling for Yeo to get things fixed up there whatever it takes. They started off so well I hate to see it keep falling apart. And maybe if things start going well for them, the Aeros can stabilize a roster of guys who will get used to playing together.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article on Hackett, Heather. Might make me look at things a bit differently. I've always been nervous about his rebounds, but apparently he controls them pretty well. Will get to the article on Mason in a while.

Ms. Conduct said...

Thanks! Honestly, no goalie has perfect rebound control. My take on Hackett is that he doesn't swallow as many pucks as some goalies might, but he does a magnificent job directing them to safe areas, and that is not by chance. It's strong positioning of his body and awareness of where his stick is. Lots harder than it looks (but then everything about goaltending is).

Scary rebound boy was Khudobin. Oh lord, that guy would just put 'em right in the slot and then have to do a gymnastics routine on the 5 rebound shots. :) (Now I'm gonna get nastygrams from Khudobin's family... Haha...)

Forecheck said...

I'm assuming Staubitz will be picked up quickly.

Forecheck said...

Ooops - Staubitz to Houston as per the Wild's announcers on FSN North

ICEVET said...

"Oops..Staubitz to Houston"

Before the penalty explosion against the Griffins on Friday night, the Aeros have been, consistently, the least penalized team in the AHL.

Cometh (with no offense) Brad Staubitz whose history is "drenched" with PIM (NHL Top 10-ranking in PIM and Majors in 2010-11) spending nearly 400 PIM in the BOX over 3 seasons with the Sharks and WILD.

Just another headache for Torchetti and staff to deal with and a real potential negative impact on the TEAM...Jed Ortmeyer knows him well from the Sharks.

Go Aeros!!!

Anonymous said...

We've won two in a row and Staubitz is joining us. I was hoping to find some insightful comments from Heather, John and Andrew this morning.

John Royal said...

Sorry, I was covering a Rice Owls basketball game last night, so don't really know much about the game besides what I saw on twitter.

However, it's got to be said that the team is incredible on the road. They could easily be 3-for-3 so far on this trip instead of 2-for-3.

I also think we continue to be reminded of Jed Ortmeyer's importance to this team. I'm not sure what to say about Staubitz. A lot's going to depend on the attitude he brings with him, I suppose.

Sorry, not much analysis from me, but as I said, I was busy with college basketball last night.