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Friday, February 3, 2012

Casey Wellman Traded To Whale

We're hearing word from Hartford that Casey Wellman has been traded to the Connecticut Whale, who are part of the New York Rangers organization.  Wild beat writer Michael Russo is also reporting the trade, and he's saying that the Wild are receiving New York Rangers center Erik Christensen and a seventh round draft choice.  We're still trying to work out all of the details here, and figure out fact from rumor, but I'd go with Russo being correct.

UPDATE:  It's official.  Wellman to the Whale.  Christensen to the Wild.  Chad Rau is being returned to the Aeros.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but not sad to see him go. Even though he had a goal and assist last night, his play was severly lacking!!! And when he had the puck at the very end of the period (1st I think), he twice (2 times!!!) slow up to look up at the jumbotron to see how much time was left!!!! To me, that is very unacceptable. You play till the buzzer sounds, so excuses!!!

Anonymous said...

That should have said "NO excuses!!!".

Ms. Conduct said...

I'm hard pressed to rag on a player who leads goal scoring after having played only half the season thus far with this team. Pretty impressive in my book and I think his offensive ability is going to be very much missed.

icevet said...

With their "legacy" roster in shambles (concussioned-out), the WILD were under great pressure to make a move to bring new energy to their eroding playoff bid.

Erik Christensen, (nicknamed the "crusher," a 30-yr old winger with 150+ points, 60 goals over 5+ NHL seasons) was available and met the desired profile, with a pure shot (incl 53% career shootout record).

Unfortunately, since 2008, he has been used, frequently, as trade-bait, registering time with 3 NHL teams. Mike Yeo probably knew his history well, given his early success with the Penquins organization.

That said, what may help the WILD may hurt the Aeros, during the remaining season, with the loss of Casey Wellman. Most fans (including this one...remembering Wellman's 4-goal hat trick against San Antonio and his gifted-offensive capability) will be sorry to see him go.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

#@$%#@* !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick! In my opinion, Casey has been a real asset to the Aeros and his talent will be sorely missed on the ice. I hope the Wild's new guy pans out for them because we're paying dearly for him.

B2Bomber said...

Wow! Didn't expect that one. Yes, the four goal outing against San Antonio will be a long lasting memory for all that were at the game. He'll be missed, but I guess it's business.

Forecheck said...

We can expect more of this crap. Fletcher is feeling pressure to produce results now. The only way to get immediate help is to trade your future, as short-sighted as that is. Seeing as the Wild's future is here in Houston - get ready to say goodbye to a few more.

The good news is you didn't want to spend all that money on playoff tickets, did you?

Throw away your future to get results right now - sounds like I'm at work or something...

Ms. Conduct said...

I'm not saying we won't see more but I don't necessarily agree, FC. I get the sense this is very much a "Bouchard and Latendresse are potentially done for the year" thing and a) they obviously didn't think Wellman was getting the job done and maybe didn't believe he was ever really going to pan out up there and b) they wanted someone with more NHL experience to fill that gap and be able to send a guy like Rau down to keep developing.

I don't feel like anybody believes EC is a big enough piece of the puzzle to really support a "win now at the cost of the future" theory. He's just better at some things in the NHL than Wellman is and those are things they need a bit of a boost in.

Now that I've had time to absorb it, I think it's pretty much a wash for the NHL clubs involved. No winner or loser there in the long run, but for the Aeros, obviously a losing trade.

But we all know where the farm team stands in these matters... And I don't say that in a snide way. Understanding and accepting that the Aeros are second fiddle doesn't mean we have to bake it cookies and blow kisses at it. It's just an unpleasant fact.

ICEVET said...

It will always be just "business" (B2Bomber) and "an unpleasant fact" (Ms Conduct).

Granted this "unpleasant fact" continues to irritate many Area fans, as Houston remains the only Top-10 US Metro Area (other than Atlanta, which outsourced the Thrashers to Winnipeg) without a NHL franchise. This, despite a core population above 6 million with a 26+% growth rate (topping all other markets) since 2000....But then, everyone knows the reasons why.

Nevertheless, as irritating as the "second fiddle" might (continue to) be for Area fans, the best antidote is to just relax and enjoy the entertainment of live AHL hockey in Houston.

Go Aeros!

Anonymous said...


This is just about the farthest thing from a "win now" trade. Wellman was not gonna cut it on the Wild going forward, therefore he was traded for someone who has a chance at it. I'm sure it sucks to be losing arguably your best player, but this is a business. Next year you guys will likely have Phillips, Bulmer, Coyle, and Zucker. Maybe Brodin too. It'll be a real treat watching the Aeros dominate next year. In no way is trading Wellman mortgaging the future.

artandhockey said...

Amen to all that! Having a blast watching hockey, any hockey! GO Aero! Go ....put your team teher!

Forecheck said...


"Next year you guys will likely have Phillips, Bulmer, Coyle, and Zucker. Maybe Brodin too."

Unfortunately, at least half these guys, and Granlund too, will start in Minnysohta. The rest will be called up as the Wild get hurt (which means about half the team by Christmas).

Of course that assumes they aren't traded (remember Nick Leddy?).

Anonymous said...


Granlund will be in MN. Possibly Brodin too, if they think he is ready AND strong enough. He is a very skinny kid, I can see the Wild giving him more time to grow into his body. For the rest of them, though, there will probably not be a spot in the line up. Assuming Lats is gone, Granlund takes his spot. Koivu, Bouchard, Heatley, Setoguchi, and Cullen are all under contract next year. That is 6 top six forwards right there. Also, the 3rd line is filled out with Clutterbuck, Johnson, and either Brodziak, Christensen (if he is re-signed), or MAYBE Larsson. This is not including if we go after a guy in FA.

Bulmer, Coyle, Zucker and Larsson will not be playing 4th line minutes in the NHL next year. Fletcher has learned his lesson and will have them play in the AHL so they can get more minutes in every situation and continue to develop.

If I were a betting man, I would think Bulmer, Coyle, Zucker, Brodin, and Larsson all start in the AHL next year. They may not last the whole season, but they will be down there to start at least.