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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Down the Stretch, 2012 Edition

For the first time this season, two members of the Wild/Aeros organization used the word "if" when talking Aeros and the playoffs.

I am rather confident that these two think the team will get a chance at the cup, but the word "when" was replaced with "if" during two recent conversations.

To be sure, the Aeros recent slide can be attributed to injuries with the Wild and the team constantly having to play with a short bench and many ECHL call-ups. But John Torchetti has kept this team alive, and the Aeros are mostly intact for the stretch run.

Last night the Aeros fell from fifth to seventh because the Heat and Rampage both won road games. The Aeros have three more games on the trip, and they need at least one more win for it to be a respectable trip. Two wins would be real good, and winning all three would be a  nice surprise.

This graphic will evolve as we get closer to April.  I will link to Hundred Degree Hockey's playoff projections. He actually uses maths to determine which teams will not only make the playoffs, but which teams will be seeded where. My chart just gives you an overview of who plays where and how they perform during the last 20 or so games of the season.

Enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated.

Please click on picture for a larger/clearer view of the standings. 

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