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Friday, March 23, 2012

UPDATED: Hackett up (maybe sorta?), radio news

Couple of little tidbits, one not so little, as we head into this 3 in 3 weekend:

Nik Backstrom's "lower body" is bugging him again, so he stayed home while the Wild headed off to Buffalo, and of course, that means Hackett is on his way to the Buff to meet up with them.

So, those of us wringing our hands over poor Joe Fallon being cast aside in favor of Hackett can relax a little as it looks like the Aeros are squarely in Fallon's hands for at least a little while longer.

Additionally, Sunshiney Kuemper is on the shelf for 4-5 MONTHS after having shoulder surgery yesterday, so they'll have to get another back-up in for Fallon this weekend.

Or at least all the above is what Wild and Russo twitter would have you think. Joe O'Donnell is instead tweeting that Hackett is still in Rockford with the team and, while Torch wouldn't tell him who is starting tonight, it sounds like Hackett is certainly a possibility. 

As my grandmother used to say, "Heavens to Betsy!"

And the revolving door just keeps spinning!

In less important, but potentially good news, the Aeros announced today that 4 games coming up will be on ESPN Radio 97.5 here in Houston.

I dunno if it's because college basketball has pre-empted it on the usual station or if this is something planned or what, but it fills me with hope that some day the Aeros will be on a proper sports radio station that I won't be repulsed by if I accidentally leave it on for a while after the game.

From the team:
Joe O’Donnell will call the action exclusively on ESPN Radio 97.5 FM (Listen Now button in upper right) for games on March 28 (at Milwaukee), March 31 (vs. Hamilton), April 6 (vs. Chicago) and April 13 (at OKC).
 And there will be 15 minutes of pre-game vs. the usual 5, so that's cool, too.

That's all!

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