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Monday, March 12, 2012

Aeros Lose 5-2 To Griffins

Sorry, I figured someone else was handling Sunday's game. My bad.

But really, what is there to say?  The Aeros lost 5-2 to the Grand Rapids Griffins one day after they'd dominated them.  Head coach John Torchetti was happy with the effort, and liked what he got on his power play.

But I figure this is about what we're going to see the rest of the season.  The team will look good one game, then bad the next.  Matt Hackett's not coming back anytime soon.  Darcy Kuemper won't be back this season.  So prepare for the ECHL goalies.  That means the defense has to step up, and the offense.  And Sunday, neither stepped up too much.

Some of the lines are beginning to get some form and chemistry that come from playing several games together, particularly the DiSalvatore/Taffe/Rau line.  Jared Palmer's back and he had a few slick moves on the ice.  McMillan, Almond and Fontaine seem to be turning into a decent line.

But who knows how long they'll be around.  DiSalvatore said after the game he's never experienced anything like what has happened to the Wild this season.  It's almost like the Wild's arena was built on top of a Native American graveyard and there's been some kind of curse placed on the team -- you could also call it the curse of Marian Gaborik who seems to have willed all of his injuries onto the entire Wild roster for now and forever.

The Aeros lost ground this weekend, slipping into 10th place in the conference playoff standings.  The good news is they're only two points out of sixth place, and they have two games with the Abbotsford Heat this week, and since the Heat are just up there in front of them, there's a chance the Aeros could gain some ground.

Of course, by the time this week is over, the entire roster could be up in Minnesota.

I'll have a post in the mothership sometime later today.  Go give it a read.

UPDATE: Here's the Press story. Like I said, click it and go vent.


Forecheck said...

Just when you think the news couldn't get any worse, it does.

What's next? Will DiSalvatore go down for the rest of the "season" with toenail fungus? Taffe thrown in jail for 30 days for an unpaid parking ticket he forgot about? Will the roof at SLICE collapse putting half the team in the hospital?

Having no goalie for the rest of the season puts the last nail in the coffin containing our playoff hopes. I'm afraid there's nothing left to do but wad up this season and flush it. (At least there is no need to do the early renewal thing now.)

Hopefully, things will get better in October.

Anonymous said...

The defense and aggressiveness of Saturday's night game was totally lost in last night's game. It was like watching a completely different team play.

Saturday they were sharp, aggressive and proactive. Crisp passes, lots of fore-checking and steals, looking for the centering pass, chasing the puck down, fighting for the puck. They were on their game.

Sunday it was like "I'm tired. I don't want to play." After each period, I was expecting them to come out and play like they did the previous night. Nope. No luck.

There was no excuse. Same team with the same amount of rest. Or did they get the same amount of rest? Hmmmm.