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Friday, March 2, 2012

Backstrom taken down in Montreal; bye-bye Hackett

To me, it looked like he got shot. Less than three minutes into the Wild's game at Montreal Thursday, the Aeros playoff chances went from good to "well, let's see how the rookie does." Niklas Backstrom suffered an apparent lower body injury, and Mike Russo of the Star-Tribune is saying that this could be a (very) long term injury for the veteran goalie.
Montreal scores before taking out the visiting goalie, too.
Canadiens win 5-4 in the shootout. 

As of now, still no news on what exactly happened, but Backstrom is not going to be playing hockey any time soon. Hackett will be recalled later today, and the Aeros will have to roll with Darcy Kuemper and a yet-to-be-determined backup.

I sure hope Jim Mill knows of a decent goalie with AHL experience. The Aeros cannot afford to just give away points at any point for the rest of the season.

Also, did Heather fall off the map? I thought she would be all over this story. We need her to tell Aeros fans why they should not be worried about having Kuemper carry the load for the duration. As for me, I'm worried. The rookie has played just three games since Feb. 1.

Well, guess what? He's well rested. (WE FOUND HER ... WE FOUND HER!!!)

Oh, well ... that is enough good news from Mr. Sunshine. The Aeros have had all week to get ready for their game against the Rampage tomorrow night. No excuses either; San Antonio will be playing at home for the first time in 11 games ... advantage visitors, and shame on them if they don't take the favorable schedule.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Ms. Conduct said...

As far as faith in Kuemper, you know I have it. But this situation is EXACTLY why I disapproved of Hackett playing nearly every game over the last couple of months. You can't let a young guy rust on the bench like that and expect him to jump in at what is still essentially a new, higher level of play for him and knock it out of the park. Gotta get him in games.

Might take a few for him to get into the groove, but Kuemps has risen to the occasion many times in his career and has been used to carrying the load, and I know he will get there given the opportunity. Just hope for regulation wins, because my faith wanes considerably in shootouts.

artandhockey said...

Amen to that.The oracle (one word below) speaks.

Forecheck said...

Bye, bye playoffs....

Forecheck said...

Let me explain. No disrespect of Kuemps meant. It's that while Hack is up playing for a sucky NHL team whose players seem to have given up on the playoffs (i.e., the Minnesot Wild), a significant number of our games will now have to be played by a white-masked ECHL rent-a-goalie none of us have ever heard of. Given the eight or so of our other players we don't have right now, we can barely afford to give up more than a goal or two a game as it is. ECHL rent-a-goalies usually aren't that good.