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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Idle Aeros fall to 8th, back at it tonight

The good news? The Aeros have games in hand on just about everyone and play a vast majority of their games at home the rest of the way. They also still only have 17 regulation losses on the year. They have a great coaching staff ,and the players refuse to quit.

And for the bad news? Well, let's use bullet points because those are fun:

  • The Aeros are in 8th place and have fewer wins than just about everyone
  • Abbotsford and San Antonio have passed them in the division stadings
  • The Peoria Rivermen are about to add Patrick O'Sullivan to their roster
  • Matt Hackett is not coming back anytime soon
  • The Abbotsford Heat are cooking again with Krys Kolanos
  • The Wild continue to be a factory of sadness in St. Paul. 
  • Two more Wild forwards got hurt in Friday's 6-0 (lol!) loss to Detroit
I don't know what else to say; the Aeros have a pretty big hill to climb from here on out. But, they have a enough games (against the right teams) to do it. As for the Rivermen trade, I can't really figure out why they move Brett Sterling for Patrick O'Sullivan. 

It's about a wash scoring wise, and maybe both teams are just trying to (really) shake things up. 

Below is the updated standings and playoff picture. Enjoy!
And here is an update: The AHL (ahl.com) has an enhanced and far more useful playoff primer for the rest of the 2012 season. Here is a quick link to that. 

Please click on the image to see a bigger file. 

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Anonymous said...

We lose to Rampage and I suppose fall another notch. Remind us again what we can feel optimistic about.