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Friday, February 24, 2012

Former Player Update: Mitch Love article

Glorious photo by Fred Trask.
Gone are the good ol' days, eh?
Mitch Love will always be one of my favorite Aeros.

Great entertainer, fighter and quote ... he always gave everything he had. Now he is an assistant coach with the Everett Silvertips.

Read this story from a local paper. Good stuff.

When Mitch was a free agent the summer after his one-year stint in Houston, I remember asking management if he was a guy that just had to be back.

The Aeros wanted him back in the fold, but the St. Louis Blue organization made him a financial offer that he could not turn down.

Mitch called Constantine (KC) to ask him what he should do, and Constantine basically told him, "I want you back, but the Wild cannot offer you what St. Louis offered you."

The Aeros Tom Lynn pretty much told me the same thing, and that was in the same conversation about why the Aeros could not afford to bring back Corey Locke.

KC went on to tell Love to basically take the offer and not to make the decision any harder on him.

"You earned that raise, Mitch," said KC. "You deserve it ... "

Mitch was not able to replicate the same success with the Blues, and the next year (last year) he signed a CHL contact to play with the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs. He got hurt, didn't play much and returned to Everett this year to be an Assistant Coach.


Fred Trask said...

One of my favorite pics - I think it captured his spirit well.

artandhockey said...

and the Silvertips really hung the Welcome Home, Mitch, banner, Quitre visible from where we sat last September after the cruise. Even took a photo of it and his profile as seen behind the Tips bench, found at artandhockey's, if interested, September post.