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Friday, April 9, 2010

Takin' a little BP in the HOU at MMP

Ah it was just about a perfect afternoon, weather-wise, in Houston today.
With the day off, our local hockey team decided to do a little team-building at Minute Maid Park.

Tonight, they'll watch the Astros try to win their first game of the year.
But this afternoon, many of the Aeros got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take batting practice down on the field.

I was there, did a few interviews and took lots of pictures. I will try to get more of these up tonight, but I wanted to throw in a few of my favorite shots from the ballpark.

I stayed for about half the batting practice, but from what I saw, Pete Zingoni hit the best, at least on a consistent basis. Andy Hilbert was the first to nearly hit one out to left. Jon DiSalvatore had a good power stroke to that same part of the park, but just didn't get enough loft on his drives toward the short porch.

Most I talked to agreed that Justin Falk is the best baseball player on the team. And one member of the team said that Benoit Pouliot can really effin' hit the ball. Only he didn't say effin.

Kevin Constantine talks to Astros Manager Brad Mills

This is how a Barry Brust baseball card might look


Forecheck said...

A tad late to be doing team building, no?

With the whole team breaking up after Sunbday?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Now, now ... baseball season just started. This team did not miss the playoffs due to lack of team-building. LOL. This team is out because they scored just one goal or less in 25 of their 78 games (3-18-3-1).

On a side note, Luke Strand was on the field with the team today and has been back in town since last weekend. Good to see him and catch up.

More pictures and videos from batting practice coming tonight....

Anonymous said...

An omen? Luke Strand in town?

artandhockey said...

Nice pictures, Andrew, guys are relaxing..no more anxieties. Summer fun is here for them.