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Friday, April 9, 2010

More Photos from Batting Practice

Tomorrow, we can get back to hockey.
But for now, here are a few more of the better pictures I took today at Minute Maid Park.
Some of them have the batting cage in them. Many apologies for the poor quality on those.
The comments I heard from several players all included lines about how nervous they were.
They were all cracking on each other's swings, but every one of them had a good time. Even KC took some swings in the cage, but I am not brave enough to put that video on the blog.


A view of the pumpkin train from field level

If Mills were pointing the other way, he'd be showing KC
where all the Phillies hits would end up later in the day.

Irmen, Lannon and Hilbert getting ready to swing away.

Chad Rau going to hit; Marco Scandella just wrapping up

Zingoni had the most consistent swing of the three
groups I saw Friday. Lots of "would have been" hits

"Man, this guy IS throwing heat...."

Brusty playing shallow left field, rockin' the throwback

Justin Falk showed up with a Roy Halladay jersey on.
He is the best baseball player on the team.

Halladay, er Falker, posing for an artsy shot.

One more shot for Ms. Conduct, the
MVP of our little Web site here

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Mercy. Good work, Drew. ;)