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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A quick explanation: Aeros 2, Rampage 3

I didn't watch much of the game, so I'm not going to write it up properly (like I would anyway). I'd get on Khudobin for allowing that tying goal as he mishandled the puck as he was covering it with his glove... but he stopped a whopping 53 (!!!) shots in this game. He's allowed two goals against, I guess. ;)

And the game winner was an empty netter with :20 left in the tied game.

Folks freaked out in the chat on AHLLive at Constantine pulling Khudobin with less than a minute left in the game. Why would a coach pull the goalie in a tied game?

The reason is because the Aeros had 80 points, the Rampage had 82, which means the Aeros HAD to win in regulation to jump ahead of San Antonio in the standings. (Aeros get the tie breaker due to winning the season series between the two teams.)

So, don't flip out. He did the right thing. Alas, the boys couldn't hold 'em in and the Rampage nabbed the empty netter for the win, but the Aeros do finish at .500 for the season. Hey, that's better than all the other teams at the bottom of their divisions have done! Haha... Well, it's something.

The offseason has officially begun.


B2Bomber said...

I'll have to disagree with you on this one. I would have gone for the win in overtime or SO. So what if we wind up in last place. It happened anyway, didn't it? Play to win the game and blame the last place finish on the poor play during the season. That's just my .02 worth.

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I should have mentioned that KC said last night that it was the goal today to get out of the basement with a regulation win. That being the team's goal, he did the right thing.

I agree it would have felt better to fans to just get the win either way, but also understand the team's pride in wanting to not finish at the bottom.

Forecheck said...

KC did the right thing. Finishing last is disgusting. So is finishing behind San Antonio, the perennual division weaklings. As Richard Pryor once pointed out, even if you didn't train or try at all, you would still finish in last.

Well, time to wad up this season and flush it - one of the worst in team history.

Word verification "misau" - how one can describe a hard shot. As is "that slap shot was like a misau headed towards the net".

ICEVET said...

Of course, KC made the right judgement call and usually does...borne out by his record of over 270 NHL and AHL wins. Three cheers for KC.

With all due respect, the key issues of this game were WHY Khudobin had to face 53 SOG, WHY the Team was unable to execute and protect its netminder in crunch time, and WHY another AHL referee AGAIN allowed an Aeros opponent the benefit of the doubt on key calls, in particular, the Turris "back-door escape" and the Kalus "dragging incident". In retrospect, Sunday's finale was sadly a "mirror image" of the finale of the March 3 game (4-3 loss) at the ATT Center, where SA (with nearly 40 SOG) tied with 31 seconds left and won early in OT.

That said, most serious Houston hockey fans, undoubtedly, know the WHYs. It is time to move on and look forward to next season.

Go Aeros!