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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The final countdown

I will keep this short and sweet.
Tonight marks the first of the Aeros' last three games of the regular season.

The four teams that are in, are in ... and they just about have the order wrapped up as well.
I think the Admirals COULD catch the 'Hogs, but Chicago needs just one more point to secure the division crown.

That would be good news for Aeros fans, because I'd have to think the Stars would rest some guys for their season finale Saturday night.

As far as the Aeros go, they need to win all three games to get above .500 for the season.
If they do that, I believe they will get themselves out of the cellar, too. No way that happens, though, with all the call-ups and injuries right now. Fans really should pull for just finding a way to win that last home game.

Tonight could be real rough as the Rampage are a very high-scoring team and are coming off a game that frankly they dominated and lost at Texas Tuesday night. Couple that with Anton (possibly) getting his first start since March 27, and look out.

I gave up the public prediction business awhile back, but I will go on the record and say S.A. nets at least five against the Aeros tonight, and it could be more like seven. San Antonio is the most porous team in the division, so maybe the Aeros get a few on the board, too.

If I had to give you a score right now, I would say 6-2 Rampage. Too bad, for this reason, the game is on TV ... but Andrew Monaco will do a great job on the air tonight. He does TV for the Rampage games, and used to be their radio guy back in the early Rampage days.

But I digress ...

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ICEVET said...

With all due respect, predictions are NOT what has made T3I the braintrust it has been for Houston hockey fans.

The Aeros win (5-3) tonight in San Antonio, in front of 8,500 partisan fans and a larger TV audience, is just another reminder that NO ONE has been able to predict how the 2009-10 version of the Aeros will perform on any given night. Nonetheless, they have a coach who is and will always be a winner.

One could even speculate that Anton Khudobin read your prediction and decided (accented with the roughing call) that he was not going to let SA win nor crash the net like they did, with impunity, in the last (4-3 OT loss on March 3) trip to the ATT Center.

Go Aeros!