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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Noreau to the Max

Word from on high is that the best offensive defenseman in the AHL to never have played an NHL game is finally getting the call.

Max Noreau is headed up to Calgary, where the Wild are playing tomorrow night. It's not for sure that he'll play yet, but for heaven's sake, just even a few days of show dough is a swell bonus for a guy who has been a bright light in the fog this season.

Sure, it sucks to lose him, but I think it's clear he was overdue for this call and the Aeros aren't doing squat anyway, so he might as well get a taste of the ol' NHL salt lick for a few days. Great for him.

I'm pretty jacked for the guy. So jacked, the first thing I thought to do was churn some butter. I really am that white and stuck in the early 90s.

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