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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday: A few little updates

The AHL is releasing its regular season awards this week, starting with the All Rookie team, on which the Aeros had no representation but I can't really argue with the picks.

Yesterday, they announced the first and second All Star teams for the season. The Aeros' own Max "Defies the Laws of Physics" Noreau was voted to the second team for his amazing offensive numbers and general badassery this season. Here's the release from the AHL. Note that 8 of the 12 are eastern conference teams, which seems a little bit skewed to me, but what do I know?

Congrats to Max, who has certainly had a season worthy of such accolades.


I write occasionally about the Aeros prospects over at a site called Wild Nation, and of course, with a new baby goalie in the house Wednesday, I had to give a little update. So if you want my take on Wednesday's game, Kuemper's debut, and the general sense of "what's next?" I'm feeling as the season winds down, go check it out.

To me, it seemed the defense played their stones off in front of Kuemper in the third period, in stark contrast to their play the first two periods. And if protecting the baby goalie is enough to light a fire under this team to play to their ability, I might take a chance and play him against Chicago tonight if I'm KC. But I'm not, of course.

He had a great first experience, and now it's time for a taste of reality. :) Get the full pro experience, right? But I guess we'll see tonight at 7:30 when the boys hit the ice.


There apparently was some hope in Florida that they might get Brusty back for the end of the playoffs, but according to the team, they're not putting him on the playoff roster because his recovery from foot surgery is going to take longer than they anticipated. Of course, Coach Cameron also said he had the surgery a week before he actually had it, so... take it all with a grain of salt.

BrustyBobble stares blankly, but pleasantly, at this news. Probably wondering where his goalie stick is and hoping nobody aims for the face.


artandhockey said...

Cute Bobble Head... ahem...of course!
Good for 'Ironman' Noreau! Just when we all (gotta admit that) thought he'd be out with injuries..he's back without interruption! If THAT is not worth the sobriquet 'Ironman', I don't know what would be?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Is that "Darth Brust"

Ms. Conduct said...

I think it's Crosby Lips Brust...

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Oh my Lord, that was funny.
Now I have this visual though ... and that is NOT funny.

Ms. Conduct said...

I'm right though, huh? Luscious pillow lips on the BrustyBobble. Women pay big money for lips like that and some bobble sculptor in China gave them to him for free. What a deal.

artandhockey said...

I believe in GENES ;-)! which funny enough is THE word today!

ICEVET said...

With all due respect to the venerable experts at T3I, it is time to fast-forward to Aero net-minders of the future (Matt Hackett, Darcy Kuemper (or how about "Darth Kuemper"), and whoever else might be waiting in the WILD wings).

Barry Brust shoot-out blues last season and the hard luck with injuries, which followed, has left him a long way from his brillance (with Nolan Schaefer) in leading the team to its top-drawer defensive pinnacle during the 2007-8 season. Unfortunately for Barry, his absence opened the door for talented Anton Khudobin to lead the team through 18 Playoff games, open this season with 4 shutouts and move forward toward a likely NHL career. It could be a long-road back for Barry, if he chooses to continue as a player. All the best to him, nevertheless.

Go Aeros!