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Friday, March 16, 2012

View from the Press box: Holy blankety-blank ... Aeros win, Aeros win again.

So there I was, high above the ice writing my recap for the Chronicle. I had this nice story written up about Fontaine and Joe Fallon. And even though I still could have gone that way, I decided to change my tune because the 'Hogs scored two late to make Friday's game a lot closer than it needed to be.

Fallon, to me, was the hero, as he saved the Aeros' bacon twice in the closing seconds after Fontaine missed the empty-netter. And Fontaine, who recorded the first three-point game of his career, was really good, too.

Turnovers led to about seven or eight shots after it looked like the Aeros had the game well in hand in the closing minutes. I guess when you let up mentally, you let up physically. The Aeros should know by now that Texas, Rockford and the Hamilton's of the world are not just going to roll over. This is not the IHL, where bad teams just traded all of their good players to the Chicago Wolves in mid March.

But a win is a win, and the Aeros shot up to a tie for fourth place in the standings. Peoria and Chicago were idle, and San Antonio had a bad third period against the Heat.

Enjoy this one while you can. The Aeros have won five of their last seven home games, and there are still two more on the homestand. Their next two opponents, Abbotsford and OKC, both won tonight, so the Aeros are going to play their two toughest games in the next (fewer than) 48 hours.

So what did you think about tonight? Great first period, so-so second period, and they had to really hold on to keep that game from going to OT.

Good teams find a way ... and the Aeros certainly did that Friday.

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Forecheck said...

Like you said, great first, ho-hum second, and the ice was tilted with the Aeros' end down in the third.

No way we can play the Heat or Barons that way and win.

Skilliter was a piece of work, too. I think he had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid - given the number of imaginary penalties that he called. Also included is the non-existent hand-pass against Rockford in front of our goal. That one at least went in the Aeros' favor.