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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Down the stretch: Thursday 3/22 edition

The Aeros have not played since Sunday, and still own the No. 4 seed in the Western Conference. They are not going to catch OKC, but that's OK ... no one will. The goal for the Aeros has to be to keep the No. 4 seed and get the home-ice advantage in the first round. If they play San Antonio, they'll get home ice in a 2-2-1 format. If they play anyone else, they'll play a 2-3 or 3-2 format, and they'll get to decide whether or not to start on the road.

That could force some real interesting decisions given the new five-game, first-round series.

For those of you watching the scoreboard, I think this is down to a seven team race for five spots. Milwaukee, unless it just gets REALLY hot, has fallen behind Grand Rapids, who will try to keep San Antonio on the outside looking in tonight at AT&T Center.

I call this a must win game for the Griffins tonight, and tonight is a very big game for the Lake Erie Monsters, who host the Chicago Wolves at Quicken Loans Arena.

Win, and the Monsters jump back into the Top 8. Lose to Chicago, and the Monsters stay on the outside and stay on 72 points with a whopping 67 games played. The Monsters only have seven games left, and they probably need to go 5-2 and get a ton of help.

The Aeros are on their way to ChicagoLand, and will play four games in that area, three against teams that are currently not in the playoffs. With Matt Hackett back, he needs to play much, much better than the last time he got sent down. And with the consistency in the Aeros lineup, I think you'll see that.

No matter what, though, he is going to make a huge impression either way. After the Aeros play these four road games, they only have one left away from Toyota Center. That bodes well for Houston, which is 7-2 in its last nine home games and has points in nine of it's last 11 at home overall (7-2-1-1).

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ICEVET said...

"With Matt Hackett back, he needs to play much, much better".....

Torchetti's game-game Goalie decisions will be critical to the Aeros in gaining a Playoff berth and their success in the Playoffs.

Over the last 7 games (5 wins) since the Abbotsford 7-6 blowout, with a cohesive and consistent game lineup, the Aeros have posted an average of 2.5 goals and allowed an average of 2.0 goals (excluding empty netters).

Consider...Mr. Hackett started (13) games this season, in which he allowed 3 or more goals.....on 4 occasions, he allowed 4-5 goals. The Aeros lost 10 of these games. Go figure.

Should Joe Fallon be relegated to the bench in favor of Mr. Hackett or not be given equal ice-time, all bets are off!

Go Aeros!

Anonymous said...

I wish Torchetti would start Fallon. He's been on a hot streak. It's been a while since Hackett looked that good down here. I think Fallon deserves the nod.

B2B said...

Fallon for sure. Hacket will, more than likely, be called back up the way things are going in Minnie.