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Sunday, March 4, 2012

DiSalvatore becomes Aeros' all-time AHL leading scorer

Mark Freer's million goals as an Aeros will never be broken. He played for the Aeros from 1994-2000 and leads the Aeros in just about every offensive category imaginable. But that was the IHL days when players stayed with their teams longer.

So when Jon DiSavaltore scored his 20th goal of the season in Saturday's sad-sack 2-1 loss to the Rampage, he became the organization's all-time leading goal scorer - during the AHL era. His 69 goals sent him past Kirby Law in that category, and DiSalvatore is on pace to break his career high of 28 set just last year.

So a huge congrats go out to Jon DiSalvatore, who is more known for another record as a head coach killer (kidding, Sal). But seriously, the dude has played nine AHL season and has at least 20 goals in every one of those season. And he's played for a different head coach ever single season. To, me, that is just freaking amazing.

But I digress ...

Big picture wise, the Aeros did not lose any ground after their sub-par effort, playing with just 17 skaters and looking lost for two periods. But after the games today, the Aeros will officially be out of the Top 8 for the first time this season. The only way they can hold on to that is if Toronto and Charlotte both pick up wins. If either Lake Erie or Rochester wins today, the Aeros are on the outside looking in .

But don't get too discouraged. I think the Aeros will eventually get out of this funk, and they are just three points out of fourth place. They have every opportunity to still get the last home-ice spot in the Western Conference, even though getting the No. 5 seed against either San Antonio or Abbotsford wouldn't be all that bad.

But the Aeros need to get Rau back, and they need some lineup stability. It is embarrassing, to me at least, that they keep having to play with a short bench. It's not working, and they are hemorrhaging points because of the chaos in the Twin Cities.

So here is a look at the big picture. Enjoy.

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ICEVET said...

Kudos to Mr. DiSalvatore...if Tom Peters and Robert Waterman had decided to write a sequel "In Search of Excellence....in Hockey", DiSalvatore would certainly deserve mention for his remarkable and durable AHL performance.

At the next level, of course, there is Tyler Segun, 20-year old Boston Bruins winger who is currently the youngest NHL player with 20+ goals, in his first season. Wonder where he will be when he reaches DiSalvatore's age.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

After watching the Aeros play a little over two periods of very boring hockey last night (not that they got better after that, more like I turned it off when it was 2-0), I'm really wondering whyI should bother with this season anymore.

We must have 10+ guys in Minnysohta right now, and we aren't getting half of them back for one reason or another (if nothing else, the Wild are also a disaster on ice right now). Looks like we did get the white-masked ECHL goalie, too - our backup for the rest of the season quite likely. Oh, joy.

I just wish there was a reset button I could hit and send us to October of 2012 so we can start all over. Unfortunately, that's SEVEN months away from now.

I now know why the Aeros were offering free round one tickets for early renewals - they knew there would be little chance of losing anything, and they would be getting people to commit for next year before the fans saw what would happen in March. Smart move, actually.

Anonymous said...

The team having to play game after game short benched is really unfair to the players and the fans. The Wild are like a drowning person floundering pulling down their lifeline(Aeros). The early season ticket renewel at the time seemed like a good deal, but now I am glad I have not taken advantage of that. The Wild needs to be able to support their minor league team sucess with more than an afterthought or that fan base will erode.