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Monday, March 12, 2012

As most people do, the Aeros control their own destiny

Now in 10th place in the conference, the Aeros are back outside the playoff picture. They've got four more games this weekend - all at home - to get back into the thick of things.

Barring a complete collapse on this homestand, the Aeros are going to take this thing right down to the end. If the Wild can get Matt Hackett down here for a more than just the last four games of the season, I like the team's chances.

If not, and no offense to Joe Fallon, who I thought did really really well last weekend, hockey fans in Houston might have to drive to Dallas for the playoffs.

Maybe Heather can use the space below this sentence to let us know what she thought of her first look at Fallon in the Green, Red and White. To me, his only flub was the Griffin's third goal Sunday. Just got caught out of position and was too slow getting back. He made a sick save on Andersson Saturday night before the Aeros scored the first of three power play goals.

Here is the big picture as it looks right now. Updated Western Conference Rankings coming up a bit later.

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Ms. Conduct said...

Fallon's solid but as someone mentioned last night (John?) when I commented that he looked more confident Saturday, that fantastic breakaway save early in Saturday's game got him going. I think confidence is half the battle as he gets back into the AHL swing of things. But also the Aeros can't keep letting these breakaways happen. Even full time AHL goalies aren't going to get anything close to all of those. What I do like about his game is that he can move the puck pretty well, and you know how much I love that. Not only because it's a supersexy goalie trait, but also because it helps the offensive break-out so much. Puck moving goalies are game changers when they can do it with confidence, and I see that coming out in Fallon's game.

ICEVET said...

Followers of Nassiem Taleb would view an Aeros capture of a playoff berth as a pure "black swan event".

The Aeros final game of the 2011-12season will, undoubtedly, take place on April 15....with little expectation that John Torchetti and staff will return next season to address "the unfinished business".

Prediction: Henrik Lundqvist will take the NY Rangers to the Stanley Cup Finals to face Jimmie Howard and the Detroit Redwings...could be a great series.