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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aeros Lose To Rockford: A Comedy Tonight

Sometimes things get so bad that you want to cry, but instead, you just have the urge to laugh. Like, for instance, now. Things are just so damn bad with the Wild that it's no longer sad, it's funny. And things are just so bad with the Wild that the Aeros have started getting sad. But after today/tonight, it's not sad, it's funny.

The Aeros lost to the Rockford IceHogs tonight 4-1. That's the second loss in a row, and the second on this four game road trip. As Andrew and Heather wrote below, Joe Fallon's injured and Matt Hackett's with the Wild because the brittle twins that play in goal for the Wild are, as you guessed, injured.

The result was that the Aeros threw a guy just literally out of college between the pipes tonight -- he's got just two games of ECHL experience -- named Scott Greenham. Now it would be easy to put the loss on Greenham since Rockford did score four goals. But then you look at this stat: Rockford out shot Houston 41-18, including 16-2 in the second period. Yes, you saw that right, 41-18, and it becomes a wonder that Rockford only scored three times on Greenham -- the fourth goal was an empty-netter.

That leads to the question of what happened to that offense we were bragging about just last week. There have been no roster changes. The lines haven't changed. But the Aeros can no longer score any goals. It's ridiculous, really ridiculous. What makes it more ridiculous is that the Wild's Matt Cullen broke a finger in tonight's loss to Buffalo (shocking, right? The Wild losing, and a Wild getting hurt) which will necessitate the Wild calling up one of the Aeros forwards, which in itself is funny seeing as how the Aeros forwards have forgotten how to shoot the damn puck.

However, despite the loss, the Aeros are still in fourth place. Yes, that's right, they're still in fourth because just about everybody below them in the standings also lost tonight. So for one more day, the Aeros hang on to fourth place with 76 points. The Heat, Americans, and Rivermen are tied for fifth with 75 points, and the Checkers are hanging onto the eighth spot with 74 points. The Rampage and Monsters are tied for ninth with 73 points, and the Admirals are in 11th with 70 points.

Yep, that's right, a total of six points separate the fourth spot from the 11th spot in the standings. And we thought it was ridiculously close last season.

The Aeros play in Chicago on Sunday afternoon. Peoria, Abbotsford, and Charlotte also play on Sunday. So it's conceivable that, come tomorrow night, the Aeros could be sitting in seventh place.

Like I said, it's so sad, it's funny.  Which leads to this video from a classic Broadway musical/movie of the 1960s called A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. So here's the opening song, "A Comedy Tonight."

(By the way, my apologies to Joe Fallon. I wrote about him in the Press on Friday, so of course he was injured.)


Forecheck said...

So, in other words, don't expect a win Sunday, either.

Instead, do something more entertaining like give the cat a bath.

Forecheck said...

...come to think of it, it's really would be a shame if the Aeros miss the playoffs simply because Backstrom is too soft to play with whatever he "tweaked" a couple of weeks ago. What is he, some sort of freakin' soccer player?

Anonymous said...

We're drowning!

artandhockey said...

Oh my, the 3 goalies BetterHalf and I saw in South Texas (NAHL and CHL level) did quite well...maybe they shoulda called them up? Just kidding! I guess?!

Jason said...

You Aeros fans are about to find out that Greenham is the real deal. He was a stud for four years at Alaska, and is also one of the classiest players you'll ever meet. Ask anybody affiliated with the Nanooks program or the CCHA in general and they'll tell you the same thing. I'd be surprised if he spends much more time in the ECHL.

Enjoy him while he's there.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear such a good report about Greenham. The Aeros are in the AHL, not the ECHL so he pretty much skipped a league to come to Houston. Since the games he played were away games, we didn't get to see him play, but we lost. I hope he returns to the ECHL and gets lots of great experience so he will be ready next time he's called up and we'll get to see him play the way you've described.