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Monday, January 9, 2012

Wild recalls McIntyre, assigns Scandella

The Wild announced today that they've recalled Dave McIntyre and send Marco Scandella down to the Aeros. McIntyre was instrumental in the Sunday win over San Antonio, and it is more of a numbers game than anything for Scandella, who will see his first AHL time of the year Wednesday in Grand Rapids.

After Friday's loss to Rockford, Torchetti said the team was weak and not willing to "get dirty" to score goals. McIntyre led the way Sunday, setting two two Joel Broda goals. The second was an absolute beauty.

The Aeros could really benefit from Scandella running the power play, assuming that he comes down to work and not sulk.

Speaking of the power play ... it scored twice in the Sunday win. According to my good friend Dan Weiss, who does a tremendous job on the play by play for the Rampage, the Aeros are 11x30 on the power play against the Rampage. Against everyone else, they are 19x136.

That is how you beat a team six straight times and earn points in all seven games.


Forecheck said...

Hmm...thought the Wild were impressed with Scandy.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

He'll get back there; just a bit of a slide the last 10 games or so.

Plus, the Wild are healthy at D, and Marco has options and does not have to clear waivers.

If his mind set is there, this will help the Aeros for the next two weeks or so.

Walleye said...

Scandella should definitely help on the blueline. It's really been an atrocious year for any offensive output from the d-men.

Forecheck said...

@Walleye - The d-men have been bad enough on defense lately.

Forecheck said...

PMB is now on IR.