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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If The Playoffs Started Now

With the All-Star Game over, and being past the halfway mark of the season, I thought I would give you an idea of how the Western Conference playoff seedings would look, as of now.  It needs to be remembered that the first three seeds will consist of the division winners, then the final five spots will go to the teams with the most points.  So...

1.  Oklahoma City
2.  Charlotte
3.  Toronto
4.  Houston
5.  Abbotsford
6.  Chicago
7.  San Antonio
8.  Peoria

The first round matchups would be:

Oklahoma City versus Peoria
Charlotte versus San Antonio
Toronto versus Chicago
Houston versus Abbotsford

So that's where we stand as we come out of the break.  The West Division is, as always, pretty tight, and four of the division's five teams would make the playoffs under this format.  And with the Aeros about to go on the road for a month, this is all subject to change.


Chris Jerina said...

John, it may make sense to rate by winning percentage rather than points. Milwaukee would be in rather than Peoria, and would only need 2 points in 3 games to take the 8th spot.

John Royal said...

Yes, but the AHL does it based on points, so I'm just doing what the AHL would do. Here's the basic rule: http://theahl.com/qualification-rules-s11572

"Eight teams in each conference shall qualify for the 2012 Calder Cup Playoffs. The three division winners in each conference will be seeded first through third (in order of regular-season points) and the next five best teams (in order of regular-season points) will be seeded fourth through eighth."

This is just a quick look at where the playoffs would be if they started today based on how the standings look and the points that each team has.

Forecheck said...

Houston vs. the Heat right now?

First round loss, possibly a sweep. Kolanos scores about 80 goals.

That's how bad it is.

Stephen M. said...

I think Chris is pointing to the fact that not every team has played the same number of games. Points percentage is a far more accurate way to show the rankings if the games played are not even, which they won't be until the season is over.

John Royal said...

Forget it. See if I do one of these damn type posts again.

ICEVET said...

Your POST is quite timely and demonstrates how the West Team with the LOWEST number of Regular and OT wins is still in the hunt (aided by the large number of shoot-outs).

Unfortunately, it could get much worse from here, considering the available resource talent and the fact that 18 of the remaining Aeros 32 games are against: OKC (2), Abbotsford (6), Milwaukee (4), Chicago (3), San Antonio (2), and Peoria (1). Should these teams, collectively, come close to running-the-table against the Aeros, the best outcome might only be an 8-SEED, with a "3 and out" first round series against OKC.

Sadly, the Aeros "Unfinished Business" may have to remain unfinished for another season.

Go Aeros!