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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hackett Called Up

UPDATE THE FURTHER (5:15):  Now Michael Russo is reporting that Hackett is on his way to Chicago, via airline, to join the Wild in case Harding is not available tomorrow.  I'm assuming this means Kuemper gets the start tonight.

UPDATE:  Joe O'Donnell says Hackett is starting tonight, and Michael Russo is writing that Harding is ill, won't travel with the team tonight, but could possibly join the Wild tomorrow, so maybe Hackett's not leaving after all.

ORGINAL:  Josh Harding is ill, so Matt Hackett is on his way to the Wild.  No word on what the Aeros will do for a back-up for Darcy Kuemper tonight -- good news is that they're up in hockey territory so hopefully they can find someone under the age of 50.


Forecheck said...

Further Update : Joe O'Donnell missing from AHLlive tonight - perhaps he was called up?

John Royal said...

AHL Live must have been broken again -- shocking -- because I heard Joe on the radio.

Forecheck said...

"AHL Live must have been broken again "

Nooooh! Impossible!