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Monday, January 9, 2012

Aeros beat San Antonio 4-3

Remember how 3 days ago we all felt like the Aeros would never score or win a game ever again?

Turns out we were totally wrong! How great is that?!

Sounds like it was a squeaker, but gosh, I'm just happy to see the Aeros put some pucks behind a goalie. Though Dov Grumet-Morris is not the most terrifying foe in the cage, they've certainly scored fewer goals on equally talented AHL goaltenders. Take it and run.

As for the Aeros side, I was surprised they started Hackett again, but I probably shouldn't have been. He's a terrific "bounce back" goalie and maybe that's what they needed yesterday.

And indeed, he was terrific, stopping 33 shots, including 14 in the third, a period during which there wasn't a single penalty called. Refs must have been Broncos or Steelers fans?

Joel Broda scored twice, including the game winner, while Foucault and DiSalvatore potted a couple of power play goals (I know, right!?! Power play goals!!)

San Antonio has a couple of beasts in Barlow and Rallo though. Barlow had 2 goals and an assist while Rallo had 3 assists. Their offense just hangs off those guys.

If you missed Torchetti talking to Joe pre-game, it was interesting. He lit into the guys for playing soft because they don't want to get hurt and miss a call-up chance. As the frail human and wiener that I am, I get that mentality, but I do not get it from these guys. Especially the veterans, and if those guys can't get it together, there isn't much hope for this team.

Back to Torch, he said, from the veterans to the goaltender to everybody else, he said he couldn't find anything good about anything they did in the two prior games. Woosh.

The funny thing to me is that he said it actually bothers him less that the WHOLE team is stinking, rather than if it's just 4-5 guys who aren't on the same page. He knows if it's the whole team, they'll eventually pull themselves back up again as a group.

So, we'll see. They're back at it in Grand Rapids on Wednesday night, traveling tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have been giving thought to last Friday's game. Like many, I saw poor puck handling, no checking, little defense, a pitiful power play, and zero enthusiasm. Having been season ticket holders for the last seven seasons we've seen staff come and go, coaches come and go, and players come and go. That coming and going is to be expected to some degree since it is after all minor league hockey. I like to attend sporting events and for the most part have enjoyed the Aeros even during the bad years. However, if I am going to spend time, effort, and money following and attending a certain sport, then as a fan I need to be inspired. By that, I find I need to be emotionally involved with the the team on the field, or ice, at the time. I need to see the effort, the desire, the want to. Even during the "bad" Aeros' years there were players that continued to inspire even when the team as a whole stunk to high heaven. Unfortunately I did not experience any type of inspiration last Friday save the idea that baseball is right around the corner and it should be an interesting year for the Astros.

Walleye said...

Glad to hear they won & scored twice on the power play. Let's hope this is the start of a turn around. I am very skeptical though.

alw02 said...

This coaching staff continues to point to the players as if they are something separate from themselves. You never hear Torch talk about we or us. It is always they...

Torch has taken some talent and character guys and got them playing some of their worse hockey in the last two years.

He had the team focusing on Power Plays and Penalty Kills all week before that terrible game. What does that show?