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Friday, January 20, 2012

17 skaters and two goalies get point against Rampage

I am going to have to keep this short and sweet tonight. For some reason Google does not get along with Apple, and the iPad and Blogger, therefore, do not work all that well together. You can't separate text. It's like there is no return key. But I digress ... Look at that box over there to your right. See how many Aeros are not with the team right now. And that list does not even include Cody Almond, who is still hurt. The Rampage got the extra point for the OT win tonght, but the Aeros should be lauded for getting the game to overtime after being really outplayed in the first, third and overtime periods. That is what happens when you are a forward short of a full lineup. Torchetti did say they'd sign someone for the rest of the weekend, but that it was his call to "play the guys he knows" Friday. I am not surprised they lost, but I am surprised they got a point. They were outgunned against a very nice (and reloaded) Rampage team. If they can get one more point this weekend, they'll be on their way to surviving this most recent wave of Wild terror. But hey, this is the minors and this is WHY the Aeros exist. You don't have to be happy with the losses (Aeros now 7-14 at home) ... but be happy with all this experience they're getting. The Aeros should be real fun to watch come playoff time.


Forecheck said...

Andrew - I have to respectfully disagree.

The first half of the game was similar to your your typical Aeros home game nightmare we have been treated to night after night. Little offensive pressure, and Hackett was good and the main reasno they were only down 1-0.

Then, offense emerges from nowhere. Where was it before? Hey, they were actually attacking the net!

Third period - offense starts going back to sleep, and Hackett gets caught underplaying the puck for the tying goal.

Then, overtime. Like we should expect something different.

A fully functional team, even down a few bodies, could have easily won this in regulation. But even ignoring injuries and call-ups, the Aeros are getting as disfunctional as the Wild.

This is getting really old, guys. And theplayoffs are no guarantee at this point.

ICEVET said...

Andrew said: "A very nice (and reloaded) Rampage Team..........

To be sure, most Aeros fans have no idea what you are talking about...so here are a few facts, for the benefit of any fan who might care:

. A 1/18 player transaction between the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes sent the leading scorer (34 points) of the Charlotte Checkers, Jon Matsumoto, to the Rampage, in exchange for two Rampage front-liners, Evgeni Dadanov and A.J. Jenks.

. Mark Cullen (ex-Aero ~2003) was recently returned to the Rampage from a Panthers call-up (missed most of the Aeros games this season) and been most instrumental in the Rampage improvement over the past 5 games and the main reason why the Rampage found it so easy to win face-offs and enter and spend so much time in the Aeros offensive zone.

. Given the advantage of very few Panther recalls (Cullen, Kearn, and Thomas only...with fewer than 20 games, in the aggregate) the Rampage offensive lines have begun to GEL and crash the net. Cullen's return and the addition of Matsumoto will make the Rampage a VERY tough team to beat over the rest of the season.

Go Aeros!

B2B said...

Seeing seven of the Aeros team is up in Minnie I think they should be happy to get the point in both games (Fri/Sat).

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

B2B - You are exactly right. As crazy as things are right now, the Aeros have turned nine regulation losses into nin OTL points because of their coach, veteran leadership and goaltending.

Just imagine this team when everyone (or close to it) is back.