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Friday, January 27, 2012

Off To Atlantic City

Matt Hackett wants you to read about heading off to the All-Star Game

If you've got the chance, John's got a new story in the Press today about Jon DiSalvatore and Matt Hackett heading off to the AHL All-Star Game after Saturday's game in San Antonio.  It's the first AHL All-Star Game for both.

And for those of you on twitter, go welcome Jon DiSalvatore who has recently joined the crowded field of Aeros, including Matt Hackett, who is reveling in the fun that is twitter, though, it must be admitted, nobody quite yet stacks up to Matt Kassian.


ICEVET said...

"Matt Hackett wants you to read about heading off to the All-Star Game"..........

To be sure, Mr. Hackett does NOT want you to read about his Aeros record, since his early December trip to Minn (when he was "spectacular" and center stage in key WILD home/road wins over the Flyers and Sharks).

His pre-recall record (only 33 GA in 16 games was a "sparkling" 9-3-3) with a 2.11 GAA and 92.7 Save Pct., joing the elite AHL goalies.

However, in 10 games since his reassignment, he has allowed nearly 30 GA and been pulled TWICE,
compiling a mediocre record of 4-5-1, elevating his GAA to 2.44 and lowering his Save Pct. to 91.8%.

So many fans are asking: what is wrong with our Wonder-goalie? Mr. Hackett is certainly NOT an "average" goalie and, with due sympathy, has been given less-than-consistent support by ever-changing Aeros defense and special teams. Nonetheless, serious Aeros Fans might have expected him to "step-up" to a higher-level of performance, as an elite AHL goalie, given the continuing adversity facing the Team (with WILD recalls).

Hopefully, Mr. Hackett will do some soul-searching over the All-Star Break and bring some "new energy" to his performance over the remaining 32-game season.

Go Aeros!!!

John Royal said...

So let me see if I've got this: he's gone from giving up just a little over two goals a game to giving up just a little over two goals a game, and it's all his fault. Do I have that right?

ICEVET said...

John Royal said "Do I have that right?"

Absolutely NOT...clearly, I have not said "it is all his fault" and the STATS do show that he has declined from 2 GA/game to 3 GA/game.....not what the Aeros need, with many players in Minni or injured.

With all due respect, I would ask that you, very carefully, re-read the context of my original comment and run the numbers yourself, if you doubt the MATH.

Go Aeros!!!

Ms. Conduct said...

Guys, you don't need stats to know that Hackett isn't playing with the same level of compete as he was before his call ups. He's doing the same "one bad goal a game" thing Anton did after his very successful callup to the Wild. It's a team sport, so it's very rarely just the goalies fault, but there's no question in my mind, Hackett is playing below his capabilities right now. It's not about how many goals he's letting in, it's the kind of goals.

Forecheck said...

I'm sure Matt is rightfully excited about going to the All Star Game, but he still needs to keep pucks out of the net.

I've noticed the "one bad goal a night" thing too recently. Plus, he didn't help himself much in the pathetic game the Aeros played against OKC Friday night. Sure, the guys in front of him were dreadful most of the game, but you do need to stop a breakaway now and then, too.