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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Extra time thwarts Aeros again, lose 4-3 to Stars in SO

Well, Andrew's unscientific poll on press row last night got put to the test tonight in Cedar Park: If you could choose your goalie for the shootout -- Hackett or Kuemper -- who'd you choose?

I was the only one who chose Hackett, simply because I think the additional year of pro experience he has is more evident in shootouts than in regulation play.

That was somewhat proven out tonight as the Stars scored on 3 of their 5 attempts with Kuemper in net, while the Aeros scored twice for the loss.

That said, in regular game play, I'd take Kuemper all day long right now. I feel like Hackett hasn't been quite as sharp and focused in his starts since his stint in Minnesota.

And to my point, Kuemper stopped 46 of 49 shots tonight. Woof. That's a lotta shots, folks. And it's concerning that many are getting through, but not having seen the game myself, it's tough to judge. All I know is the Aeros were massively out shot, 25-49, so.... it'd be nice to see that number go down.

Still, on the bright side, new guy Mike Radja scored twice, his first two goals as an Aero. And other even newer guy, Chris Clackson, had the first helper on his second goal. Clackson's been in the ECHL with the Gwinnett Gladiators and tonight was his first outing with the Aeros.

Also, Taffe had two assists in what was his 500th AHL game.

The only other sorta weird thing is that Kuemper got 2 delay of game penalties and the Stars capitalized on both of those. But then he got the second assist on Fontaine's goal late in the second period to pull ahead just after the Stars tied it.

So, I dunno what that was about. If anybody was there and can fill us in down in the comments, that'd be cool.

Meanwhile, if you need me, I'll be celebrating the first Wild win in about 37 games tonight, thanks to a roster full of Aeros who beat up on a hurting Dallas Stars team.

The big news is that Rau scored in his first NHL game and was named first star. You couldn't smack the grin off the guy with a frying pan afterward. It was really fun to see.

See you crazy kids tomorrow. I don't even know who we're playing, to be quite honest. It's just that time of the season where it all runs together. Either way, I'll be there. Hope you will be, too.


artandhockey said...

Ms. C.. I just asked that same quetsion on my blog posted earlier BEFORE I read yours. What was that all about the delay of game? And how about the assist.. he's channeling BB maybe ?The word is Whumsica---how apropos,tee hee!

ICEVET said...

Unfortunately, the Rules do not distinguish between goalies and skaters, when the puck is "cleared out-of-play" in the defensive zone.....had the game official been anyone other than the veteran, Jamie Koharski, the two infractions might not have been called.

The Sunshine Kid continues to impress and should quickly learn from this and adjust his game accordingly.

Go Aeros!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hackett as been as sharp for us since he returned from the Wild. I hope it's just my imagination or my total lack of expertise of goalie skills. I'm just a fan. But I agree that he's the man for the shootouts at this point. One can't help but think about where we would be if we had won some of those overtime/shootout games. Nevertheless, whatever guys happen to be on the ice for any given game, are giving it their best. It's got to be frustrating for them.

ICEVET said...

Further to the discussion as to whether Hackett or Kuemper is more effective in Shootouts, the numbers support Ms. Conduct's position over the 9 relevant games:

Hackett: GA..4/19..21.1%

Kuemper: GA..11/25..44.0%

Aeros goalies (incl. Endras) have failed to stop 17/48 shots (35.4%).

But, this ignores the BIGGER issue: Aeros shooters have potted only 8/49 shots (16.3%), well below opponents' marksmanship, providing modest support to either goalie:

Hackett: GF..1/20..5.0%

Kuemper: GF..7/25..28.0%

It is what it is.

Go Aeros!!!

Anonymous said...

Further to the discussion as to whether Hackett or Kuemper is more effective in Shootouts, the numbers support Ms. Conduct's position over the 9 relevant games:

And then there was tonight. :(