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Monday, April 9, 2012

Some More Thoughts On Last Night

My new post at the Press is up, and it expounds more on some thoughts I had after last night's game. In short, I think the loss of Jed Ortmeyer for most of the season and the lack of a reliable scorer like Patrick O'Sullivan have really hurt the team this season. I think the team's tired and the constant round trips from Houston to St. Paul and back to Houston time and time again for several of the players has worn them down.

Plus, it's just unrealistic to expect the goalies to keep pitching shut out after shut out after shut out. I know some people like to bitch and bitch about Matt Hackett, but Hackett and the rest of the goalies have done some fantastic work keeping the Aeros in games this season.

That said, the season's not over. There are still three games left.

P.S.: It was asked and answered in the comments to the post below, but...

Marco Scandella was a late scratch last night. He did skate pregame, but apparently tweaked something in his lower body and is day-to-day. And Matt Hackett did appear to get hurt during the game last night, but he was able to continue playing. I would think he'll be available for this weekend's games.


Anonymous said...

Hackett is not the problem during regulation and OT play. Typically anything that gets past him is due to a breakdown in our defense, and is a shot that there is no way he could have saved. But there are some that leave you scratching your head. Every goalie has those.

Now when it comes to a shootout, I think the poor kid is thinking too much. He has too much time to think and is preparing too much for the shot instead of just doing what he does best. Stop the puck! The losses have got in to his head.

No the real problem with this team comes down to three things.

1. Passing (or catching) the puck
If you cannot pass, you cannot get or keep the puck in the offensive zone. On rare nights, the passing is decent.

2. Defense
And I'm not talking just our defensemen, but mostly.

3. Playing with the puck too damn much
Nobody on this team is a Toews or Crosby.

Ms. Conduct said...

To Hack's credit, he has improved tremendously in the shootout since he joined the Aeros last year. I don't cringe during the whole thing as he gets backed right into his net like he did earlier on.

You could see it when Kuemper had a few shootouts this season. Took me right back to the first several months of Hack's rookie year.

Not saying Hack is money in the shootout but he deserves credit for vast improvement, IMO.