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Friday, April 20, 2012

There's Ugly, Then There Are The Aeros In Game One

There's ugly, and there's ugly. And damn, there was this game one 5-0 loss to the Oklahoma City Barons.

Andrew covered it pretty well below. And I'll have more in the Press tomorrow, but let's just say this: if Matt Hackett continues to be the only player showing up to play, then the Aeros Calder Cup run ends on Sunday night in Oklahoma City.

Here's how bad it was. In just over 36 minutes of play, Hackett faced 37 shots. That's over a shot a minute. That he only let in four goals was, in my estimation, rather remarkable. And I know what John Torchetti said after the game -- we were all down there -- but it sure looked like Hackett got injured before the third goal, and he really had trouble moving around before the fourth goal. Then again, when you're having to carry an entire team on your back because they're refusing to play, you're probably going to feel some pain.

Torchetti put the loss on himself, saying it's his fault for not getting the team properly prepped to play. There might be something to that, but it looked like they didn't even give a damn out on the ice. And frankly, if the Barons hadn't of taken their feet off of the gas in the third period, I could've easily seen the final score being about 10-0.

They'll give it a go again on Friday for game two. Torchetti says that Hackett's healthy and that he'll be playing. But frankly, if the rest of the team fails to show up again, it's probably not even going to matter.


Forecheck said...

If neither the team nor the head coach care if they win or not, then just go ahead and forfeit the next two games and save us the bither of showing up.

If I were Mill or Fletcher, I'd be having a talk with Torchetti this morning regarding whether he wants to continue being the coach of the Aeros or not. If so, he might want to try doing something to actually win tonight. This series might also make some personnel decisions in the off-season much easier.

OK, the last home game of the season is tonight. Should we consider it a funeral or a wake? The corpse will literally be "on ice".

joe said...

The only ones that showed up to play last night was Hackett, Genoway, Rau and Clackson. And Clackson normally gets scratched!

Did these guys come out of the tunnel, see an empty Toyota Center and said "What the hell? No fans! If they don't give a a sh*t, neither do we." Attendance can be demoralizing, but it cannot let it to get to them. Most of these guys are here to grow, learn and make the NHL. Playing like they did last night will not get them many of them the nod to come-up.

And what is up with an empty Toyota Cener? From what I remember last year, the arena was a little low in the early goings of the playoffs. But not empty!

Forecheck said...

One positive from last night, besides Hackett's early play and the absence of Kiddie Choirs for intermission entertainment, was that at most 3,000 people had to endure the game.

That said, it doesn't speak highly of Aeros fans if they only generate 1/3rd the attendance of the last few regular season games for a PLAYOFF game.

Let's look at the logic here folks... we complain that the Aeros aren't going to make the playoffs, we show up to encourage them on, then when they get in we stay home. Some fans.

Anonymous said...

I was there last night and I admit to being embarrassed. Embarrassed that the boys looked so lost and embarrassed that so few fans showed up. I expected a comparatively light turn out, being a Thursday, but I meant compared to other playoff games, not to regular season.

As for the team, I can only hope that Hackett's display, both of play and anger, lights a fire under their butts for tonight. I know OKC is a tough opponent for us, but we really can do better.

B2Bomber said...

@Forecheck....I wasn't high on Torchetti's hiring before the season started. I believe my initial feelings about it have turned out to be so. I have a feeling there will be a lot of personnel changes during the off season and not just here in Houston.
@Joe.....I wasn't at the game. The wife was laid off last year and my retirement annuity doesn't cover anything but the essentials. The boys are in a playoff game and regardless of attendance need to show up and and demonstrate they give a crap.
I'll probably pony up the $$ and watch tonights game on AHL live. Let's hope the boys react to the ass kicking they received last night in a positive manner.

Forecheck said...

@B2 - I've heard that according to Leipold, both Fletcher and Yeo will be back next season.

But I do think there will be a lot of new guys here next season.