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Friday, April 6, 2012

Aeros Lose To Wolves, Now 0 For Last 7

Let's keep this short and sweet. The Aeros led the Wolves 2-1 with 5:49 remaining in the game. They ended up losing 4-2. They're now 0-4-2-1 for their last seven games, and they're now in ninth place in the playoff standings after a win by Lake Erie which catapulted the Monsters from 10th place to seventh.

It was the same story for the team. Good start with no follow through. Torchetti told us after the game that it's time the veterans stood up, which is something we've been hearing for awhile now.

There's five games left in the season for the Aeros, so it's never over until it's over, or for you Animal House fans:  "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" But with games against Peoria tomorrow and Milwaukee on Sunday, the season could be almost over.

And frankly, at this moment, I just don't have much left to say. If you've got anything to add, please feel free to do so.


Anonymous said...

I think we need LESS TALK and more action from the entire organization. Think they need to try someone ELSE between the pipes, and new lines on the ice.

Anonymous said...

I hope we see the backup goalie tomorrow night. Yes, the D lets Hackett down sometimes, but not all the time. He's just not looking sharp...almost like he doesn't want to be there. I have a horrible feeling all our chances are slipping away. This is the first season in the 10 years I've been a STH that I'm not all that sad the season is nearly over. I don't like this feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love the Aeros, and I will be there to cheer for them through thick and thin. However, it seems an impossible task for these guys to play a full three periods. There always seems to be at least one period that has you pulling your hair out. In this game it was the third period. They were on their heals for most of it. It was bound to happen.

I'm not sure if they thought they had the game in the bag with a one point lead and went into conservative mode, or do these guys just not have the legs, stamina, endurance or heart to put in a full game?

And let's not forget Mr. Hackett. He played honorably in the third. He had some truly great saves. However, the first two periods were nail biters. I think he was human pinball machine. Everything was bouncing off of him. I was sure the Wolves were getting a few dirty goals off rebounds. Pure luck that they didn't.

The only team members I felt played really well this evening was Palmieri and Bulmer. Maybe Genoway. I could throw in a few more for average playing. But I have to agree with Coach T. The veteran's were non- existent tonight. Well, I might throw Bagnall a bone.

If they pull off Saturday and/or Sunday's game, it will be a pleasant surprise. I personally say "No way". Their back-to-back(-to-back) games only tend to get worse as they progress through. The three in a row they pulled off during the six game home-stand was a miracle. They were out played, but some hockey god must have been in a good mood and smiled favorably at them.

Forecheck said...

Good grief, did the Aeros forget about the offensive zone in the third period last night?

Bye, bye playoffs....

Chris Jerina said...

Having the rare opportunity to watch a game on TV (thanks Wolves!), a few things gleaned from the broadcast.

Wolves were 1-19-0-0 when trailing after 2. Aeros were 21-0-3-2 when leading after 2. Should have been over.

Hackett played well, I'm not sure you can blame him at all on either of the 3rd pd goals.

I've still yet to see a game where Fontaine, McIntyre or Foucault have done anything worthwhile. (Mind you I've only seen ~15% of the games).

I thought Almond and Bullmer looked good.

I blame Eric Christensen for our lack of offense.

artandhockey said...

The consensus seems to be by fans and foes alike:
"Let the season be over!"

Forecheck said...

@arts - I sadly agree. Time to let this season, which looked so promising early on, go and hope things get better in October. Let's just say using my last four tickets is not an absolute priority right now.

Anonymous said...

Its unbelievable how stupid some of these comments are lol. People clearly don't understand hockey in Texas... Its easy for you guys to blame the goalie all the time . The kid battles every night . Wake up and see the real problem.

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I don't agree that the comments are stupid, but I do agree that Hackett is currently taking too much of the blame. Also, I have an inkling that he's playing through some sort of injury. Just spidey sense, but his recoveries seem a bit labored at times and that's not really his style. Even when he seemed not wholly engaged mid-season, his recoveries were quick. So, I dunno.

I didn't find myself clucking at any of those goals really, in terms of Hackett's play. I thought the effort and focus were there, but with his less than focused play mid-season, I think fans have lost a little faith and are less likely to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The defensive issues aren't going to get any better tonight, no offense to the younger d-men who will be stepping in for Fredheim and Genoway... I'd start thinking of something nice to buy yourself with your unspent playoff ticket money.

artandhockey said...

Amen to that.
trip to a Stanley Cup Game?
A BIG TV to watch a Stanley Cup Game?
A Diamond something? Well?

artandhockey said...

@anon nr. 4..and YOUR wise suggestion to wake up and see the real problem is what exactly? What is it?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the team other than the goalie? Texas people you love statistics. Top seven scorers on the team, 7 goals total in last seven games. I would assume this would also tell you why the powerplay is not clicking as these are your top minute players on the powerplay. Houston Fans your motto seems to be you win as a team you lose as a goalie. Every single player needs to be a bit better but to blame the goaltender for any of the goals last night would show your lack of knowledge of the game of hockey. Leaving players open in front of the net is not the goalies problem.