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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Playoff picture update - Thursday edition

The Aeros are the only team in the very thick of the Western Conference playoff chase that has to play three games in three nights twice to close out the season. While that may seem bad, if they get on a roll again, that could be a good thing. And five of those six games are at home, where the Aeros have been very good for the last two months or so.

Last night, though, they did not get any help. Rochester earned a point in an OT loss at Abbotsford and San Antonio beat Chicago.

The Rampage finished the season 4-0 against the Wolves, winning all four games by a single goal.

The Aeros are still in 7th and have at least a game in hand on the teams around them, so it's all on them as to whether or not they want to play in the post season.

My take is that they need six points to get there. That will pretty much get them at least the 7 seed, I think. If they can go 4-2, they might sneak up to sixth and a 5-1 or 6-0 run would get them even higher.

Ideally, I think home ice is out the window for the first round, but stranger things have happened. That is their goal, and as long as they are shooting for it ... you just never know.

Their three opponents this weekend are Chicago, Peoria and Milwaukee. They are 2-7 against those teams this year, and I think they have a six game losing streak against them. They have single wins over Chicago, but lost both games at Allstate Arena. They have a SOL point against Peoria, and they split the two games at Carver Arena.

And they have zilch against Milwaukee this season. 0-for-3 against a team that calls the Aeros their slumpbusters. I think that changes this weekend.

It has been a great week of scoreboard watching. Now we'll see how the Aeros do as they play catch up with three games in three days ... all at home. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

If Cuma stays in Minnesota and they have to call up Genoway, how do you see that affecting the Aeros big picture?

artandhockey said...

Genoway on the way. That leaves the defense sadly depleted. That leaves what or rather who? Well, the next few games will surely be interesting to say the least, more CHL..or ECHLers called up, but then those teams are in their play offs, such as the Killer Bees (Aaron Lee, for instance, will not be avialable)

ICEVET said...

As Mike Russo would say, this is "soooooooooooo Minnesota Wild".

While your (venerable) Blogsite has, understandably, remained sanguine that the Aeros might slip into the backdoor of the Playoffs, the truth is what it is......namely, the absence of any concern within the WILD organization that the Aeros participate in the Playoffs.

Everyone knows the AHL is a development league and the Aeros exist at the pleasure of the WILD.

Nonetheless, the recent D-regular recalls (from a D-core whose PK and other stats have consistently ranked in the lower quartile of the AHL) could have unintended consequences at the box office, should the Aeros end their season with an ugly, extended losing streak.

Go Aeros!

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, to give the Wild SOME credit, they have sent Cuma down for tonight's game. May have to call him or someone else right back up for their final game, but at least for tonight, the Aeros get some help from the big club (of course at Cuma's expense as he's going to be a seriously tuckered pup after this weekend).

Forecheck said...

Like I said, if the Aeros don't get their act together, only three more points this season. And that was before this.