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Saturday, April 14, 2012

View from the Pressbox - Aeros save their season (for now)

Oh, what fun tomorrow is going to be ... John had it covered before. Aeros Sunday need to:

A) beat Texas
B) get a Milwaukee win in regulation (or)
C) get a Charlotte win in regulation (or)
D) get a Oklahoma City win in regulation

(for your convenience, B-D are ranked in the order they are most likely to happen. Milwaukee is at home, and OKC is going to be resting people. No chance San Antonio blows their chance at home.)

And that is all possible, basically because of a great second period where the Aeros did just about everything right to get that 4-0 lead.

Now in true Aeros fashion, they allowed a late period goal to let the Rampage think it had a chance to win. And they nearly tied it in the third period before Justin Fontaine iced the game with an empty-netter.

The Aeros are basically two for two at home in must-win games in the last couple of weeks. Hope there is enough left in the tank tomorrow to get another win.

Not too much else to say right now, as Heather is going to give us a few more thoughts and quotes later on tonight. I was impressed with the Palmeiri/Bulmer/Almond line, and I thought Joel Broda had one of his better games in a long time.

Drew Bagnall was great on defense, and for some reason, I kept a closer eye on Cuma than I normally do. I think he is really improving and has played well since (and really, even before) his NHL callup.

Aeros also went 3x4 on the power play, and that will have to be huge tomorrow. Jeff Taffe told us tonight that if they are able to get into the playoffs, power play and penalty kill have to step it up for them to even have a chance.

Well that is all for now. I think it is good that the two games that the Aeros care about start two hours and 90 minutes before the Aeros do. We'll ALL know quite a bit before the puck drops

But think about this, Milwaukee and Charlotte could conspire before the game to ensure there is a tie after three periods. If they do that, they're both in and the Aeros would have to rely on OKC actually giving a damn in San Antonio tomorrow. They've already wrapped up the No. 1 seed, and will be resting their skill

If you see a 2-2 game in the third period in Milwaukee, you're right if you think that was intentional. Now come on, do you really think anyone in the AHL would do such a thing?


Forecheck said...

You can also add that for B and C, the teams have a vested interest in a regulation tie. All it takes is a "wink and a nod".

Forecheck said...

As I posted below, yes, they would do such a thing.

Also some kudos for Sal, who has been playing like a man posessed with getting in - or at least like a man talking to the Swiss league.