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Sunday, November 6, 2011

View from the Press Box; Aeros killed Sunday

View from the Press Box is the same view everyone else had. First 5-6 minutes were good, and the rest of the game was crap.

It was turnover city, and the Marlies capitalized time and time again in a 6-2 drubbing of the home team.

While it's easy to say now, it just looked like the Aeros thought they could just dipsy doodle past a Toronto team that has been struggling lately. After they scored their first power play goal in the first period, the Aeros clicked on the cruise control and paid dearly.

How to fix this?

Well, for starters, it will be nice to have Jed Ortmeyer back on Thursday. Also, I did not see Hackett on the bench tonight, so I can only assume that he was sick and unavailable to backup.

Torchetti said the Aeros went from their best hockey game to their worst in a matter of two days. Don't turn the puck over, don't be lazy, work hard, and things will be fine.

Abbottsford is a good hockey team with a great goaltender.

The Aeros have three days to get ready for their first "biggest division matchup" of the season.


Forecheck said...

So this was the trap game.

One possible explaination - a major airline screw-up delivers the Lake Erie Monsters and the Aeros equipment to the Toyota Center. The Aeros players were in Toronto wondering why the arena was locked up and trying to get the guy with the key to show up. Plausible.

The Aeros hit a new low by only playing three minutes (first two of the first and first one of the third) of the game and watching Toronto skate around them the remaining 57 minutes.

Heard word-of-mouth (so that's as accurate as anything on Wikipedia ;) ) that Hack had food poisoning . Should be ready Thursday. It didn't mmatter tonight, other than which goalie was going to get shelled. Throwing up on the Marlies tonight would have only slowed them down a bit.

Herbies would be well deserved tonight.

OK, what I need now are some really big and extra gooey chocolate chip cookies. And lots of them.

artandhockey said...

And we hear that former Aeros Krys Kolanos is again his usual whirlwind incarnation on ice for Abbotsford.
Which will be in town next!
Shall we say Oy vey!
Or as the word tonight says: qualms.

Anonymous said...

Three minutes into the first period the Aeros snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

ICEVET said...

The WORST game I have seen an Aeros Team play since Sunday, October 17, 2010, when OKC (Alexandre Giroux, Shawn Belle, Collin McDonald et al.) won 8-2 (despite being outshot by the Aeros!).

Matt Hackett was the gatekeeper on all 8 OKC goals (5 in the 3rd) on that miserable afternoon.

Go Aeros!!!

Steve said...

wow, this was the first game of the season I was able to buy tickets for. It was painful to watch. I kept waiting for them to turn it with another 3rd period push or something.

Hopefully, it was just a fluke based on how they have been doing up until that game.

Ms. Conduct said...

No more games for you, Steve! ;)