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Monday, November 28, 2011

A bushel full of roster moves

So, 4 things we know are official:

Warren Peters and Nate Prosser are headed back to the Aeros. In exchange, Casey Wellman and Dave McIntyre are headed up to the Wild. In fact, McIntyre is making his NHL debut tonight in Minnesota, so that's pretty exciting. And it's on Versus if you want to tune in.

It's a little bit of a blow offensively to lose both those guys and only get Peters back (nothing against Peters, of course, but that's 2 forwards who score a lot gone and one who scores a lot (at least lately) back). But it's fantastic to get Prosser back on the blue line.

What's unofficial at the moment, but the clues all seem to be there, is that Dennis Endras, Aeros #2 goalie, may be headed over to play in Finland, while Adorable Darcy Kuemper is headed to the Aeros. Allegedly.

You can click the links above and draw your own conclusions. The Wild/Aeros are expected to release something tomorrow.

That said, Kuemper's been tearing it up in the ECHL with a league-leading 1.74 GAA and 0.941 save percentage in 8 games. And he was just seconds away from his first pro shutout last night, but his team gave up a couple of penalties and the Condors put one past him.

So if this turns out to be true, the Aeros are getting a very good goalie in Kuemper. Even better than when he was here late in the season two years ago. And the organization appears committed to his development, so the legitimate competition between Kuemper and Hackett should drive them both pretty hard.

I'm just glad I never had to do a "Free Kuemps" stick figure drawing to actually get him to Houston. 


ICEVET said...

......"legitimate competition between Keumper and Hackett should drive them hard".....

While few fans would disagree with your wisdom, it works ONLY if this very-talented goalie is given a "balanced" opportunity to play (i.e. > 28% of starts).

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...


As I feared this summer, this season looks like it will be filled with constant roster moves. The offensive chemistry is already shot, though a good D-man is always welcome.

I'm also uncomfortable packing a good goalie off to Finland long term , getting nothing for him mind you, until the new guy establishes himself at this level. Also, he's our only European. Aren't we supposed champion diversity or something? Or am I still not understanding this P.C. stuff?

Ms. Conduct said...

I would wager this is more Endras's choice than the Wilds. He's used to being the #1 and he's getting very limited ice time. It's career regression for him to stay here.

artandhockey said...

The same could apply to Kuemper...IF he sits while Hackkett gets the go ahead... that, too, would be regression of sorts!
Start them both alternatingly, would be the thing, but......

'whisting..is the word as in whistling in the wind? or Wishing?"