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Friday, November 18, 2011

Game Day Update

The Texas Stars will get on the bus bound for Toyota Center here shortly...In the meantime, there is some Aeros news to report. The Wild did assign Casey Wellman back to the Aeros. Not sure if this is a virtual assignment or a real one, but I am guessing it's the latter since they had to do that in order to get Mike Lundin off injured reserve.

Speaking of which, Russo's blog in MSP reported that Lundin has accepted a rehab assignment and will play for the Aeros this weekend. He'll probably play both home games ... no chance he'll do the three in three this weekend. The revolving hospital door up north keeps on spinning though. Just to make Aeros fans nervous, Jared Spurgeon and Dany Heatley did not practice for the Wild today. Both could be injured, just taking a day off or sick. Who knows at this point?

Also, if I were a bettin' man, I'd lay down a few bones that Jon DiSalvatore will be good enough to go tonight against Texas. The Aeros need him right now, especially against a Stars team that allows a ton of goals per game.

Oh, and one housekeeping note here. We love all your comments, and we don't like to censor. We love compliments and criticism both equally. How can you get better if no one disagrees with you and dialogue dries up? But ... we are not going to publish comments when we are called names. If you call us a name and tell us WHY you are calling us a name. Well, we'd be more than happy to print that. But if you just call us a name, that is not going to fly.

Our readers want entertainment, and insults without explanation are not entertaining.


alw02 said...

Well I would like to call you a name - how about good guys or some such sentiment. While I do not always agree with you guys I do look forward to every post.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Wish we still had the photos too.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Thank you for the kind words.
We (heart) our fans, too ...

What fun would it be to agree all the time?

Oh, and don't get us started on the photos.

Ms. Conduct said...

Your wish will be our command, at least temporarily. Jerina is in town this weekend!

artandhockey said...

Oh Good. since I was unable to be there to take pics for the blog.. Jerina photos will very welcome.
Just sorry they lost. Tomorrow night ought to be better no?

Anonymous said...

Name calling? How juvenile! Please know that 99.99% of us appreciate what you all do and look forward to reading your posts. Sometimes I don't agree with your take on something, but more often than not I learn something. After all, you all have a great view of the game and you're the ones doing the interviews with coaches, players, etc.