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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pictures from the weekend

Pictures! Courtesy of Chris "Midwest" Jerina. Ahhhh, so nice to have photos again! You can see his favorite shots from around the AHL at http://ahlinphotos.com.

DiSalvatore/Penner/Bachman/whoever score on a rebound off the boards behind the net.

Helluva shot of Hackett making that sick save Friday night. Wow.

Kassian wails on Godard

Rau rips a beauty past Bachman

Kass and Wathier jaw at each other on the bench. Funny.

Taffe puts one through Bachman Friday night

Stars get their shorthanded goal and the teddy bears rain down.

Wellman picks a corner over Bachman's blocker side

Thanks again, Chris! Was fun having you here this weekend! (Donkey!)


artandhockey said...

Nice shots, fellow picture taker! Lol.

Chris said...

Thanks for posting those Heather, it was a blast.

Best part of the trip could be the $300 voucher for waiting an extra hour to go home. Guess I may be coming back sooner than planned!

Fred Trask said...

Wow, what a deal Chris!

We used to get pics every game, it makes a big difference IMO.

I hope you enjoyed your stay - No Dropkick Murphys though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris. Great shots. We look forward to your return.

Ace_of_Hearts said...

Thank you for the great pictures, Chris! It was good to finally meet you in person before Sunday's game!