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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aeros Lose 1-0 To Heat In The Shootout

Both Houston and Abbotsford were playing the third game of a three-in-three weekend tonight. It didn't show early on though late in the game it really looked as if some f the Aeros were really dragging on the ice.

But neither team could score as both goalies, Matt Hackett for Houston and Leland Irving for Abbotsford pitched shutouts through 65 minutes. Hackett was able to stop three of the four shootout shots he saw, but the fourth one, from Dustin Sylvester got past him, and none of the Aeros could get any of their shots -- some of them being really weak attempts -- could get past Irving.

"Shootouts, right now they're affecting us a little bit," head coach John Torchetti said after the game. "We're not productive on it. We'll address and keep working on it. We can't hide it down in the basement because it's costing us points right now. We have to understand that and keep working on it."

They constantly had what appeared to be some excellent scoring chances on Irving throughout the night, but they just couldn't shove the puck past him. Torchetti wasn't as thrilled with that part of their game, saying that though there were some good shots, they didn't do a good enough of job of creating good rebound opportunities.

Torchetti also wasn't pleased with the power play's work tonight, but then again, this is the Aeros, and problems with the power play seem to be part of the Aeros DNA.

The Aeros were able to get four of a possible six points this weekend, getting points in each game. But it seems kind of hollow in that the Aeros could've won all three games, or so it seems.

And is it just me, or is there a bit of deja vu with these shootout/overtime problems. It seems like the Aeros suffer through this every season.

After tonight, the Aeros are tied points-wise with Oklahoma City for second place in the AHL West Division, and they have the third most points of any team in the AHL, with a record of 10-3-1-4 (25 points). They're off until Friday when they host the Texas Stars at Toyota Center at 7:35.


Krys Kolanos did not play for the Heat tonight, though he was in the building. We're not sure if there's an injury issue, but I do remember hearing earlier this season that the Heat were trying to be careful with how they use him because he's been recovering from an injury that nearly kept him out for two seasons.


Forecheck said...

It was a good effort considering, much better than Friday.

The PP and shootout still stink. It looks like the Aeros are attempting to set records for the greatest number of shorthanded goals surrendered in a season (almost two tonight) given their proclivity for coughing up pucks on the blue line and creating 2 on 1s or 1 on nones. Certainly, anyone scouting the Aeros will put pressure on our blueliners and hop on our weak passing to take advantage of this.

One out of 25 in the shootout -- that's a freakin' 4%. Even in a bad year, the league average is around FORTY. They are practicing, aren't they? I mean against real goalies. Our guys look like they don't have a clue going in and then wind up taking a lame shot - -
one - into the goalie's pad , two - into the goalies pad, three - miss the net, four - into the goalie's gut, five - into the goalies pad. Game over. At least Taffe made up for it tonight by, as Yeosy would say, "trying to be cute". It didn't work, either.

Word verification "dotomium". I have no clue what this could mean, but it must be Latin.

Steve said...

I'm glad they got a point and all, but these shoot out losses are starting to get frustrating. Watching from AHL Live, I thought we played a pretty good game with some good shots on goal, but Irving was like a brick wall.

On a side note, I thought it was pretty cool when Bagnall came out of nowhere to get revenge for that tripping. That guy on the Heat didn't know what hit him

Forecheck said...

Actually, it was kneeing.

Bags was lucky he didn't get hit with an instigator. He really should have.

alw02 said...

At what point does Torchetti acknowledge htat it is his team.

He is constantly referring to the team as they, them, the guys, and other non-ownership phases.

With Yeo it was always, we, us and other such words that told you he took ownership of the situation being discussed.

Forecheck said...

Good point.