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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deck the halls with Climie's jock, fa la la...

Oh man. What a night of hockey, gang. Nights like this are why I never wanna miss a game for teams I care about. You really just never know what's going to happen, like this 5-3 win over San Antonio with 4 goals for Casey Wellman.

Andrew gave you the recap below, but I'll fill in with my usual nonsense, starting with a funny from the locker room. Well, just outside the locker room because I haven't quite reached the level of professionalism where naked hockey butts wouldn't be a distraction. So we interview in the hall when I go downstairs. ;)

Anyway, we ask Wellman about that cuh-razy fourth goal where he spin-o-ramas and Matt Climie looks like he needs his dizzy medication cuz he's just blindsided by this play. Honestly, I might have cried if I hadn't been so busy trying  convey this beast of a goal on Twitter. It was a monster in and of itself. But to be his 4th goal of the night? Shut up.

Here's what he had to say about it:
Prosser got the puck and there was a guy on me at first, but he kinda just drifted away and there was just a wide open lane and Pross, thank God, saw me.
It's funny, I actually did that move on Hackett the other day (in practice). He wasn't very happy about it. He said it wasn't realistic. So it's good to kinda get back at him there.
I tend to agree with Hackett. That wasn't realistic but nevertheless, there it was before all our eyes. I tweeted afterward that they had to pause the game for Climie to go retrieve his jock from the rafters.

Now, Matt Climie is a very good goalie. One of the best in the league. He wasn't perfect tonight but that score isn't on him. The team in front of him let him down enough times that if they'd played smarter, this would have been a very different game.

Y'all know I love goalies and I hate to mock one of the ones I particularly like, but I hope I'm making up for it by whatever implications you might want to draw from the size of his jock. HOSS!

That said, I was SO disappointed to see only ONE hat hit the ice after his hat trick. Come on, gang. WTF is that about. We don't get to see too many hatties. I know times are tough but you can get a new hat. Nobody's head is freezing on the way home. That bummed me out a little.

When it came time to pick the stars, only the third star was up for any debate. It went to Earl for his two assists but Andrew brought up Kassian's fight. I'm not sure it helped anybody but it was a gentlemanly gesture to accommodate Hollweg's request (at least I'm assuming that's how it went down... can't imagine Kass had any other reason to want to fight).

Anyway, Kass, as usual, won it soundly, but Hollweg's a tough dude and hung in there and didn't look foolish in spite of limited connections. It was a very good fight, all things considered.

And speaking of which... I think it really shows the confidence San Antonio has in their abilities right now that the game DIDN'T get dirty. Think back to when SA was bad.  A 4-1 game would have deteriorated into a fight-fest rapidly in most cases, or at least been way chippier.

But they knew they could come work their way back if they stayed focused and disciplined. And frankly, with the Aeros letting up in the third and "bad habits creeping back in" as Yeo said, I was getting a bit worried. But Anton made a big stop (which you can see along with other pics at Artandhockey's blog here) and kept damage at a minimum to preserve the 2-goal lead to the buzzer.


Finally, a note of thanks from us press dingalings to Brian Duval, whose tenure as the media relations intern for the Aeros ended today. He's been a total pleasure to deal with since this summer when he WAS the media relations department for a while before they hired Rich. So, we wish him the best of luck in his job search and everything to come in what is sure to be a bright career.


artandhockey said...

Ah, the 'joys' of the chances to interview...and getting the news from the horses' mouth..so to speak!
Thanks..it did confirm the rumors I heard last night!
Go Stick figures!

Forecheck said...

We (the people I was sitting near and myself) were wondering if the Rampage had actually made it to the game or not. We figured they arrived right after game time due to the bus breaking down and the first period was played by substitutes recruited from a local beer league.

Frankly, I thought the goal Climie looked weak on was the second, Wellman made three guys look bad on that one.

We also found it kind of dstrange that two goals gets beaten by two assists for a star of the game. Oh, well..

I'm glad the Aeros came out flying, and apart from some let downs in the second and third kept a good intensity level throughout the game. Encouraging.

One criticism is I thought the Aeros were trying to get a little too "cute" (as Yeo puts it) on offense particularly in the second. They were passing up OK shots and trying to make beautiful passes instead. From what I could see, the ice was probably a little suspect for that, not to mention the Aeros are more of a blue collar team and should play as such.

B2Bomber said...

I thought that SA's McClean might have gotten the third star for his two goals. Just sayin'.
Wellman had terrific night and left everyone euphoric. I can't throw a hat over the attack zone net or I would have.

word verification: ablegra
dyslexic algebra.

wise4you64 said...

that was my hat, i was dissapointed too.

ICEVET said...

The image (and finesse) of Wellman's 4th goal will be forever frozen in the minds of awe-struck Aeros fans.

Wellman's stunning performance (only the third such feat in Aeros history) may remind serious hockey fans of particular "hat-trick events" of the distant and most recent past:

. 1993-Mario Lemieux's "quadrille" v. Philadelphia: the only NHL player ever to score a 5-5 goal, PP goal, short-handed goal, penalty shot, and empty net goal in a single game.

. 2009-Corey Locke's 4-goal "texas hat-trick" as it was called at the time) in the AHL all-star contest.

. 2010-Sidney Crosby's 3-goal hat-tricks in successive Penguins home ice games on 11/27 and 12/2.

To be sure Coach Yeo has brought some of the Pens' winning culture (epitomized by Mr. Crosby) to the Aeros organization and young icehawks (like Mr. Wellman) with extraordinary talent.

Finally, a bit of trivia.....apparently, there have been no recorded natural "short-handed" hat-tricks in the NHL, although a handful in the ECHL and Collegiate ranks.

Go Aeros!!!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

MacLean would have made a fine choice for a second star, so as a third that would have been perfectly acceptable. This is why I chose Earl over MacLean:

The Aeros could have scored three or more goals easily, and other than Wellman, Earl was he best forward on the ice. He an DiSalvatore were creating chances left and right, as was Rau.

Also, Maclean had not scored his second before we voted.

Had the Rampage played a little bit better in the first 40 minutes, I may have been compelled to run over and change my vote. But they were dominated by the home team.

By no means am I saying that a Maclean selection would have been wrong, I just thought this was a game where the aeros deserved all three.

Forecheck said...

Also, I think Joe might have been a little mixed up on the post game.

I think the Aeros' record is actaully five goals in a game, by Dave Hymovitz in his first game as an Aero (CHL call-up from Indianapolis) in 2000.

Word verification "lumpic" - A potential "Razorism" - as in "San Antonio's defensive play was lumpic the whole game".

Ms. Conduct said...

Bravo to you then, Wise... thanks for making it not a hat trick shutout. As for the rest of you hatted peoples.... *stink eye*

Anonymous said...

The first and second periods were the most fun I've had at an Aeros game in a couple of years. Loved Climie's stick swing as he left the ice. Gonna start wearing a hat again.