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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And The Latest EPIC FAIL From St. Paul

I try to defend the Aeros/Wild connection. I try to defend the thinking up in St. Paul. After all, it's my firm belief that the Wild own the club, and that the Aeros exist for the benefit of the Wild so our complaints about whether they sign or don't sign guys who really aren't in the plans of the Wild don't really matter into the equation, but...

It was my firm belief that, no matter how good it was for the team, the Aeros season ticket holders were being screwed over by the Wild moving one of the home games to St. Paul. Now the Wild's basic piss-poor response was that the Aeros fans would be allowed to either use their existing ticket for admittance to the game in St. Paul, or else it could be exchanged for tickets to another game in Houston, which kind of made no sense since a season ticket holder actually already has tickets for all of the games. But since when has logic had anything to do with anything, right?

That brings us to the latest announcement from the Wild re this Aeros game in St. Paul. They've changed the date of the game. So if you're one of those people who booked a trip to St. Paul so that you could use your ticket to watch this game, well, screw you.

Instead of playing the game on the afternoon of Saturday, February 12, before the Blues/Wild game that night, the game has been moved to Sunday afternoon, February 13. Which, you know, probably just screws you up if you're actually flying home on Sunday.

Then again, the season ticket holders don't really matter, right? They can always move more games to weekday afternoons and give the tickets to school kids, or they can always sell tickets to people who want to bring their dogs to a game for some reason.

I would suggest you call or send an email or something, but we all know it wouldn't amount to anything.


AerosFan said...

Utter bull. Glad to see that the one constant of the Aeros/Wild office seems to be incompetence.

Already bought tickets for the Wild game since I assumed I would be up on Saturday for the Aeros game anyway.

I have no interest to see the Wild by themselves when I can just come up Sunday to see the Aeros now. Anyone want to buy some tickets?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well, one more slap at the fans! Sadly, I wish I was surprised but all they've done lately is figure the best way to screw me out of what I've already paid for. Thankfully I didn't plan on attending this game.

artandhockey said...

"The Wild's AHL affiliate Houston Aeros will host the Peoria Rivermen (the St. Louis Blues' top affiliate) at Xcel Energy Center Sunday, Feb. 13 at 1 p.m. the game, originally scheduled for Feb. 12, is being held as part of the wild's 10th anniversary Season. Minnesota wild season ticket holders will receive complimentary tickets to the game equal to the number of wild seats they hold.
Otherwise, reserved seating for the game are $15 in advance or $20 on the day of game. Tickets will go on sale Jan. 8."
Now that shows what THEY think...we pay more for tix here!
Not even dreaming of wasting $$ to fly up there, pay 2 nights hotels, food etc.
Rather go to see Rampage or Stars Games...
we can drive there and back!

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

I really wonder what the reason IS for moving this game. It would be easier if the game had been left on Saturday (which is 'Hockey Day Minnesota', the FSNorth-sponsored event of hockey at all levels in Minnesota).

The only thing -- ONLY -- that I can see, is the fact that AHL teams fly commercial air (NHL teams always charter) between games, and that the poor winter weather so far in the Upper Midwest has both teams skittish.

Or, both teams are trying to save a buck by not going home on Sunday, which is a notoriously high fare day on Delta, the 800-lb gorilla of Twin Cities air travel.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I hate to play devil's advocate here, but I will. Remember, this game is not really for Aeros fans.

It is for hockey fans in St. Paul.

I have not asked the team officially, but I think the game was moved for one of two reasons.

Either they moved it because the Aeros did not want to play four games in five nights or ... more likely ... they moved it to make sure more fans have the opportunity to see this game.

If they have the game on the same day -- think about it -- people are going to choose one or the other ... and they ain't going to choose the Aeros game.

While the double-header would work out great for Aeros fans going up there, you can't make a business decision on a dozen people.

Even if this is not the reason why they moved the game, more fans will attend it because it has been moved.

Forecheck said...

Well, you are correct that we STHs have been treated shabbily ever since the Wild bought the team from Watson, but I think this one is more of incompetence. They probably thought nobody would fly up for the game.

Unfortunately, incompentence is something we have gotten used too in the post-Watson era.

John Royal said...

Andrew makes some valid points as The Devil's Advocate, but...though the Wild might be doing this for hockey fans in St. Paul, it is the STH in Houston who had to pay for this game. And when the schedule came out, the STH were told they could come to the game using their ticket.

Forecheck said...

Like I said, incompetence. The statement never should have been made.

It could serve to make work, though, for under-employed lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The gal who sits in front of me was so excited tonight. She finalized the purchase of great seats to the Wild game and made her plane reservations today....going up Friday and returning Sunday afternoon. Then during the game tonight she checked her email and found out about the change. She is NOT a happy season ticket holder/Aeros fan.

B2Bomber said...

Hell, after tonight's no-show against Hamilton who even cares? That was, I think, the WORST game of hockey I've seen the Aeros's play. I'm sure there have been others that don't readily come to mind but all in all I was very disappointed in the game. Yeah, I don't think anyone in operations has a clue about what the common Aero STH thinks.

word verification: sadma.....(fill in the blank)

Forecheck said...

@B2 - It was as disgusting as the 8-2 loss to OKC in October, but minus the blistering Aeros offense we saw back then.

Aeros have now been shut-out in 2 1/2 straight games.

Might as well let the 8-year olds play. They are more entertaining, and often better hockey players than our current crew.