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Monday, December 27, 2010

Anton showed up, stole the show, and the injured Aeros won

When I first logged into the game tonight, I already knew that Casey Wellman and Matt Kassian were probably not going to play. Kassian ended up going Monday, but the Aeros were also without Warren Peters, Colton Gillies, Petr Kalus, and Joel Broda.

They called up two guys from the CHL and still managed to beat the San Antonio Rampage 2-1 in a game in which they were outshot 40-17.

I sure hope the Aeros got on the bus before the hockey gods decide to make things right in the world. Hey, I know those are the breaks sometimes, but when you get outshot 40-17, you can't say you won 'cause the other team was rusty.

What is going to happen is this: the Aeros are going to get absolutely drilled by San Antonio on New Years Day, so they better get at least one feel-good win in Milwaukee or Rockford later this week.

After getting killed by the Rampage on Saturday, things will level off for the Aeros. Even though they still have a schedule that was made by an elementary school janitor (no offense to those folks who, for sure, work harder than I do), most of their games will be at home and their travel is much more manageable.

What worries me right now is that they picked the wrong time to get hurt. And it is this schedule that is keeping them injured and without practice time.

If the Aeros lose the next three and fall back to .500, I still think they'll be OK to make a playoff run. Their 18 wins is not all that far off from most of the teams currently in playoff contention. But they have played more games than everyone else, and the numbers in the loss column are starting to pile up, too.

And to be fair, credit needs to go to Anton tonight, who played very well. Sir, you are the reason the team extended the winning "streak" to two games. I think we are all harder on Anton because we know what he is capable of doing. We know he can play down here and we know he is capable of holding his own in the NHL. But there are times when things snowball on him and he is going to allow one turd a game.

That is where he needs to settle down, and if he can play more games like he did Monday, he'll again be regarded as one of the better netminders in AAA hockey.

That is all for tonight. The Aeros will fly to Chicago for a pair of games in the Midwest later this week. Although, I too, will be in Wisconsin Wednesday, there is no chance I can make the four-hour drive down to see the boys. I am going to get to see the Wild host the Predators Friday night, and I am really looking forward to my first Wild game of the year.

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Forecheck said...

Anton - He's [b][i]baaa-aaack!!![/i][/b]

And we should be glad, for the Aeros were otherwise beaten by the Rampage tonight. The power play was stinko.

The Rampage also play Wednesday and Friday, but at home.