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Friday, October 1, 2010

Slicing Up The SLICE

As you no doubt no by now, there was no Aeros/Rampage contest tonight. The reason can generously be described as being due to bad/dangerous ice conditions.

The Aeros will supposedly be sending an email out to all of those who purchased tickets in an effort to refund the money spent for tickets. And the team will hold a skills competition on Monday night at SLICE for anyone who cares to come out and watch.

Andrew and I spoke to Mike Yeo a bit after the cancellation. He was a bit disappointed, and admitted he had been pumped for the game. Seeing as how this was to be his first game as head coach, it's not hard to understand why. The game was going to be important for him as a way to evaluate several of the players who are on the bubble of making the squad. As for Sunday's game, he said that he was going to try to play the squad that will be on the team come next weekend's opener in Oklahoma City.

As to which player has surprised and pleased him most since he's taken over for the Aeros, the answer would be Matt Hackett, and knowing how well Hackett plays will, he says, ease the burden caused by Josh Harding's injury.


Forecheck said...

Yes, disappointing.

It makes one wonder if the Aeros can't do better than SLICE for these preseason gigs. The seating is limited, you can't sit on the bleachers longer than an hour without them tearing up your back (or behind), and it's hard to get a good view anywhere.

Now, they can't even make ice.

The best Aeros preseaon experience I ever had was at Ford Arena. Well worth the modest drive out there. Fan-friendly if somewhat austere arena, lots of seats and no Soutwest Freeway to deal with. Unfortunately, they no longer have working ice facilities there.

Forecheck said...

Here the info in the email. Note that you just can't go down to see the skills competitiion.


On behalf of the Sugar Land Ice and Sports management and staff, we would like to thank all of the fans and friends of the Houston Aeros for coming out to support our home team! Due to a power failure and despite our best efforts, the game was called due to ice conditions.

The Houston Aeros have rescheduled the game as a Skills Competition/Autograph Session on Monday, October 4 at 7pm. The Parking and Reserved Seat Tickets for October 1 are valid for October 4, please bring those for entry. Tickets are required for entry to the Skills Competition. You may choose to attend the October 4 Skills Competition or receive a refund.

The deadline for requesting a refund is 5pm on Monday, October 4. To receive a refund, please call 1-888-695-0888.

Forecheck said...


I wonder if we will have to talk with "Peggy"?