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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mighty Peoria comes to town

Tonight, the Aeros will play Game 3, and they'll get their first crack at the Peoria Rivermen. They are off to a 3-1 start and look to be every bit of the offensive juggernaut that many predicted.

They have a great mix of vets and young players and Ben Bishop looks to be every bit of the great goalie they need him to be. Bishop may not even get the start tonight, as he has played every minute of their first four games.

Maybe they go with the rookie Jake Allen in net. Maybe not. We'll find out tonight.

Last night in San Antonio, the Rivermen scored six goals on 20 shots, lighting up Rampage goalie Al Montoya like a Christmas tree. Graham Mink is the real deal, and Nick Drazenovic scored twice last night in the rout.

What we do know is the Aeros will go with Anton Khudobin tonight. He will be making his first start of the season, and I have no idea the last time Anton played meaningful hockey. It's been awhile, so the team better not cough up the puck as much as it did in the second and third period Friday night.

Mike Yeo would not mention names, only deferring to Matt Hackett who single-handedly earned the team a pair of points in the standings. Another game like Friday, and the Aeros will get thumped to the tune of 6,7 or 8-1.

The Aeros do, however, seem to be very good at finding loose pucks (rebounds) and putting those in the net. I know that is how the first goal was scored last night, and from what I understand, so did the game-winner in OT.

I learned a lot from Kevin Constantine in his three years. One thing I learned is that your first home game of the season is one of the most unpredictable of the year. There is no way to gauge how the team will react to playing at home for the first time.

Personally, I have a bad feeling because of Anton's rustiness. But if Peoria starts the rookie, who knows? It's the first home game of the season ... so don't be surprised no matter what happens.


Forecheck said...

1. Stick figure of the day for Ms. to draw :

A black rectangle. That's all we got to see of Friday's game on AHL Live. Oh, yes, nearly inaudible sound as well.

2. "Ben Bishop looks to be every bit of the great goalie they need him to be."

Actually, I liked the guy with the hyphenated name better - a sure four goals at least.

3. lighting up Rampage goalie Al Montoya like a Christmas tree.

Pretty easy to do anymore. Not the dominating goalie he was in college. Injury?

Ms. Conduct said...

re: Montoya - Rust. He hasn't played in 11 months.

Shaun Bill said...

Chris Beckford-Tseu - currently with Rochester

That was three years ago, Dude!

Ms. Conduct said...

But he was (and is) awful....

Shaun Bill said...

2.73 GAA for the AHL Rivermen, career.

His 2.63 made him the best Goalie the Rivs had in 1007-08.

Although, his more recent teams - even the ECHL teams - not exactly stellar.

Shaun Bill said...

yup - Allen tonight