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Monday, October 18, 2010

Relive the Weekend With The Houston Press

I know it's painful, but go read my post over at the Houston Press about the game's this weekend. Remember, it's through the Press that I get my press pass, so give them the clicks and comments they need to let you know you enjoy the coverage.


Shaun Bill said...

Bit O Trivia - That's actually an OLD Peoria Rivermen logo.
The logo in the article is circa 1996 (or so). It has gone through a few subtle changes.
The logo used would probably be called the first Rivermen ECHL logo.
First, the logo lost the hockey stick, and the 'paddlewheel' went from the background to being in the hands of the "Captain". At this time the coloring changed, as well. Blue got darker and the Red became less prmoinent and a shade darker, as well.
Then, with the move to the AHL and affiliation with the Blues, the color scheme chaned again. Red disappeared adn the yellow changed to gold.
There was also an unofficial office logo where the Caprain had no hat and was bald, he held a golf club instead of a hockey stick and chewed a cigar instead of a puck.

More than you all wanted to know, I am sure.

John Royal said...

Yes, I know it was the old logo, but I prefered this one.

Forecheck said...

chewed a cigar instead of a puck.

Naughty, naughty - can't have someone using a perfectly legal TOBACCO PRODUCT in a logo!!!

If the kids see that, they will automatically start smoking (tobacco, I mean)since their parents are powerless to stop a cartoon character from influencing the little kiddos.

Don't worry, just reliving the 90s when this nonsense passed for political discourse in the media...