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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aeros Poised For Liftoff

My latest post on the Aeros is up over at the mothership. I talk with Mike Yeo about goalies, about his and the staff's enthusiam for the season. So go it a read.

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Forecheck said...

Pluses going into this season:

1) Yeo's enthusiasm and hopefully it's contagious.

2) The team should have a bit of a snarl to it this season, that's been missing.

3) A few good pickups - Peters, Broda

4) Sydor should get the defensive mess in front of Anton straightened out .

Minuses :

1) Too many people back from last season's unmotivated and rather talentless (especially on offense)team.

2) The Wild are still supplying us with the fruits of their drafting abilities.

3) The Wild will stink this season, meaning our guys could be racking up the frequent flyer miles. It will be hard to keep consistency in the lines and pairings.

I think 50/50 for the playoffs, assuming we stay clear of the injury bug.