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Saturday, October 30, 2010

10/29/10: Rampage 5, Aeros 2

Sometimes when I can't process the horrors around me, like when I visit my in-laws, I imagine I'm leaving my body and observing the scene from outside myself. Detached, unemotional, unaffected.

I figure this coping mechanism is cheaper than therapy, and I mention this because, until the Aeros find some way to start winning games, you (and I) may find this useful.

The 5-2 loss to San Antonio started with so much promise. Just seconds into the game, Cody Almond got his first goal of the season, beautifully set up by Jon DiSalvatore as though the hockey gods had chiseled the skate marks into the ice themselves.

San Antonio tied it up halfway through the period on the power play, but hey, NBD. The Aeros were sticking it to the Rampage to the tune of double the shots on goal (18-9 in the first!)

And that feeling was so right, as the Aeros pulled ahead less than 2 minutes later on a PP goal by Max Noreau (phew! finally!).

But alas, SA ties it up with another power play goal just before the end of the period.

Despite the shot count looking very uneven, the Aeros mostly only dominated the first half of the period, and  only because San Antonio was turning the puck over left and right. The Aeros' 18 shots were more a testament to their ability to capitalize on the other team's failure, which is a useful habit to have... until the other team wakes up and quits failing.

Seven minutes into the second, Tikhonov set the Aeros on their heels for good with a short-handed, unassisted breakaway and as Joe said, that was the back breaker. And from there, San Antonio racked up a couple more goals just to put 'er away, though shots were even at 15 and 10 apiece in the final two frames.

One of the goals was squarely on Hackett, who mishandled the puck and basically put it on the stick of the Rampage while playing it behind the net. Rookie mistake and that one would keep me awake tonight if I were him, but hopefully he sees it as an opportunity to learn.

I was a little surprised Yeo didn't give the kid a break and sit him for the third period, but I guess he wanted him to battle through it. And maybe I'm still conditioned to Constantine's super quick hook. Coaches have their own philosophies on such things.

There was a fight of some sort near the end with a whopping 42 minutes of PIM handed out between the teams, Almond collecting 17 of those. I missed it since I cleverly "forgot" to watch the third period, and the archive isn't up yet. From the score sheet, it looks like it started with Almond slashing someone, and he and Bagnall paired off with May and (Captain) Picard.

I have my own hockey tomorrow night so I'll just pre-write the post-gamer.
Aeros lose 3-1, Krahn is fantastic, Khudobin is good but with no goal support, might as well sit on top of the net all night. They start slow but have a good second period, and just get bested in the third. Kassian almost scores (he had a breakaway tonight... no joke!) again. Bagnall punches someone. Robbie Earl with the goal. Drive home safely. See you Sunday.

Did you know: The Aeros lead the league in average penalty minutes per game? I wonder how much of that is "toughness" PIM and how much is "I'm slow so I'm gonna hook/hold that guy" PIM. Maybe I'll sort through the numbers tomorrow and figure that out.


Forecheck said...

Same song, different verse.

1. The Aeros did get off to a good start, but they need to keep it up for an additional 50 minutes.

2. Remember when we were good and San Antonio stank?

3. I can't comment on the third period as I had already turned the silly thing off by then. I decided to do something less painfull and much more fun like give the cat a bath, then apply the bandages.

4. I think I'll be watching college football tonight - especially if I can pull in the Buckeyes.

Word verification - "Nonsed". As in "I have a cold, and so far the Aeros season has been a bunch of nonsed".

artandhockey said...

Looks to me - deja vu - Cody Almond likes to fight, but, at least, yesterday he did score!
Hot headed AND short fused?
Just listened, while reading something else. So no visuals.
But Joe O'D does such a good descriptive job, one can almost -the operative word for now ;-),
-see the boys on the ice!
Hope tonite will be better, Ijust may make it at last minute to tune into Joe in my car!
And on Sunday the same if I survive another onslaught of Brittens music (Can't wait).
Y'all have fun.. they must win sometime!

B2Bomber said...

Watched half of the first, then listened for a bit. Took the wife to dinner and when I got back to the game "holy hell" had seemed to have broken loose. It was 4-2. I thought well, at least they scored and read that Hackett let an easy one in by misplaying the puck. Ok, there might be a chance. Then I watched the opening face off of third and SA scored almost right away....okay, 2-5.....should have turned if off then as it was just frustration on both the fan and the players. I have a feeling it's not going to get any better any time soon. Word verification: "mederds" medicine to take right before watching the Aero's play.