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Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet your 2010-11 Aeros: Jarod Palmer

Photo by Scott Slingsby

Jarod Palmer

Born: February 10, 1986 (age 24)
Fridley, MN

6' 0", 195
Shoots: Right

The "new" Wild are putting an emphasis on signing undrafted college players to supplement their drafting efforts. Left wing Jarod Palmer is one of those picked up a few months ago.

Palmer graduated from Miami University (Ohio) or "Cold Miami" as I call it. I have yet to hear a single bad thing about that program. In fact, all I ever hear is glowing, positive things about the culture of their athletic programs. They seem to recruit and turn out high character humans pretty consistently.

He's a moderate scorer, but from what I understand, his contributions don't always show in his stats. He's a fierce competitor, gritty, tough, and durable. He's apparently a high energy guy who is a rock solid penalty killer, strong on the puck, and he can find the net (or find someone around the net) as he had 18 goals and more than a point per game to his name his senior year at Miami.

Why wasn't he drafted? Seems he was a little bit of a late bloomer and really found his game in college and made a name for himself his senior year.

Here's a good wrap-up on him from the boys over at Hockey Wilderness from back when the Wild picked him up.

There's one thing I know about the kid because I've seen it with my own eyes: He's a creative guy in the shootout. Here's a couple:

And no, that was no whiff. That was on purpose.

Then again, when both of your slick shootout goals on YouTube have that kick-puck-off-skate move, goalies around the league will figure you out pretty quick. But hey, at least he'll be fun to watch.


alw02 said...

For many years Miami of Ohio had the highest per capita beer consumption of any school.

At least he tries to score on the shhot out drill. It looks like the first one was an accident and the second one he tried to do.

Forecheck said...

>> "Cold Miami"<<

Hey, watch it, Ms. ! My dad and uncle went there. Really nice campus in Oxford.

Miami has had a good regular season program the last several years but they seem to have a habit of choking in the playoffs.

At least, ahem, they make the playoffs.....

Forecheck said...

From "Hockey Wilderness">>"He Who Shall Remain Nameless' prospects"<<

Got a good laugh on this one. Prospects? More like cannon fodder. And the occasional psycho.

Ms. Conduct said...

It wasn't a value statement. Merely a fact. Hot Miami is in Florida. Cold Miami is in Ohio.

ALW, maybe everyone's so nice because they're drunk off their butts. :)

Forecheck said...

Ms. - This is how to remember the two - just remember the official names.

Miami University - Oxford, Ohio

University of Miami - Florida (just like University of Pittsburg, University of Dayton, etc.)

Ms. Conduct said...

I don't write them that way because I can't remember the correct names. Come on. You know me by now, FC.

Actually, the whole (Ohio) thing is a running joke in our house. There was a football player named Ricky Williams but he wasn't THE Ricky Williams from UT. So we started calling him Ricky Williams of Ohio. Haha.

We're easily amused at the Conduct residence.

FinnEer said...

I prefer Oxford, England.

Anonymous said...

They have nice shirts FinnEer.