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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Thoughts On The Aeros Schedule

First, let me say that I'll be addressing this more, in depth, on the mothership blog on Friday. But...

I've been reading your comments to Andrew's post, and over at the Aeros Facebook site and on twitter, and I wanted to add my own two cents. And a brief aside, these are my thoughts, my comments, and I'm writing this without the knowledge of Andrew or Heather, so don't hold anything against them.

You, my friends, are being screwed over. Especially if you're a season ticket holder. You purchased tickets for 40 games. But you're only going to get to see 39. It's good for the players to play a game on the Wild home ice in front of Wild fans, but it doesn't do too damn much for you. The Aeros/Wild have stated that you will receive a ticket for that game in St. Paul as part of your season ticket package. But what you won't be receiving are airline tickets or hotel vouchers. You also won't get a ticket to the Wild game that night. So you're more than welcome to spend even more of your cash to fly to St. Paul, get a hotel room, and make your way out to the arena for the Aeros game, just don't bother sticking around to watch the Wild.

They'll also let you exchange that ticket for a ticket to another Aeros home game. But think about that for a moment. You're still paying to see 40 games. You're still only getting to see 39 games. Just what does an extra ticket do for you?

I'm also not too pleased by the two weekday matinee games because I'm sure that most of you season ticket holders actually have jobs, so it's hard for you to get away during a weekday morning to see a hockey game. So what we're actually looking at is that lots of you will be paying for 40 games, but you'll only be seeing 37.

I'll sign off now -- remember, read the mothership on Friday -- but let's just say that I'm a bit pissed about this thing. It's good news for the players, but bad news for you.


Anonymous said...

Nothing new there John. The season ticket holder has been getting screwed ever since the team was purchased by MN.

Fan appreciation is a complete joke. Ticket Reps couldn't care less about existing season ticket holders. Perks are all but non-existent. You can get a cheaper ticket waiting for one of the promotions as well.

Unless you just love hockey there is NO reason to be a season ticket holder. A casual fan has the best deal for sure. Very very sad situation.

If anyone at the Aeros front office really understands business you'll listen. You may think the STH is a captive audience and the majority of them will keep coming no matter what. You may be correct for a percentage of them but believe me, there are fewer and fewer willing to tolerate that every year. I'd rather drive to SA or Austin and watch fewer games simply because I am treated better.

Stick that in your cap and smoke it.

Forecheck said...

John, you're not alone on this one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and then there will be a long spell before the last game vs Oklahoma in Houston.....rest and rust!

Anonymous said...

1 game? 1 game? Not the end of the world. Blame socialism.

Anonymous said...

Well the schedule is the least of your worries if you are already a Season ticket Holder in section 103. You poor fools paid $1560 for 2 tickets and someone who has never supported the team with one $ can now get two tickets right beside you for only $508!

Ha! The Aeros took you for $1052. There is some respect for you. You won't mind teaching the new fans about the game either will you?

So I guess losing a game to MN or a second day game isn't nearly as bad as taking a soaking for $1052.

Word verification - amensun - Amen Son! Can I get an Amen?

Forecheck said...

I know we are upset, John – just don’t jeopardize the press credentials.