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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010-11 Aeros Schedule Highlights

Here is a link to the Aeros schedule for 2010-11.

My initial thought?
"Man, this is a brutal schedule ... "


13 times the Aeros play three games in three nights (vs. just seven last year), and 23 of their first 38 games are on the road. They have TWO five game road trips in the December and January and are playing the same number of games as a year ago in seven fewer calendar days.

But there is a rainbow at the end of this sucker.
If the Aeros are a half way decent road team this year, things could be very good for them.

They will not play one game outside Texas during the Month of March, their busiest of the season, and starting on Feb. 22, they will play just four road games of 18 total on the road until April 1.

This schedule will test them physically, but if they can hang in there until mid January, they have a very nice set up waiting for them.

Good luck, Mike Yeo ... and welcome to the Western Division.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if any other team has as many 3-in-3 games as the Aeros. Seems to me the "brutality" of the schedule isn't always fairly doled out.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

The AHL schedule has nothing to do with fair.

In this case, the Aeros got a lot of prime weekend dates and will spend most of the second half at home.

Last year it was the other way around ... and they still share their building.

Providence has a ton of of 3 in 3s, but they never have to get on a plane.

That is the key to the 3 in 3 ... how many of those games are played the day they are on an airplane. Those usually mean 3 a.m. wake-up calls and a full day of travel.

I will be breaking this down more later on.

John Royal said...


I'll have to check my math -- doing this at work -- but there are four teams with worse, I believe, but they're all in the East. Providence has 19, Albany has 15, and Manchester and Hershey have 14.

But my count, no team in the Aeros division has this many. Texas has 7 and San Antonio 10. But I need to double check the numbers at home.

Anonymous said...

It makes me quite angry that, as a full season ticket holder, I will not be able to attend. Really, 2 weekday games and 1 out of town? The game in Minnesota is good for the team, so I understand that one but why 2 day games? Most of the kids that go to the day games are not even there to watch and enjoy the game.
The front office should offer us buy backs on those 3 games, or free preseason tickets.

Forecheck said...


As Andrew stated, the AHL schedule has nothing to do with fair.

What the AHL schedule is all about is spending as little money as possible.


Fat chance of gettinng compensation from the Aeros. You will probably be allowed to exchange the tickets for a fee, and they will probably honor your ticket in St. Paul if you are willing to pay $500 in airfare, hotel, and car rental to get there.

artandhockey said...

Travel package by Aeros coming up for air, hotel, Wild tix...no idea how much!